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Public Works

  1. Bid/RFP Document Request

    To request no-cost bid and proposal documents be emailed to you.

  2. Large Complex Temporary On-Street Parking Request

    To be submitted by complexes to request on street parking for parking lot maintenance and other such events.

  3. Parkway Tree Cost-Share Program Application

    For residents interested in participating in a program through which they can have a parkway tree planted by paying a portion of the... More…

  4. Public Works Utilities Website
  5. Road/Lane Closure Request for Construction/Utility Activity

    For contractors to request a road or lane closure due to private or public construction and utility activity. This form is not for... More…

  6. Waste Management Inquiry/Service Issue

    Residents may submit this form for forwarding to Waste Management Route Managers.

  1. Block Party Application

    This form should be submitted for a approval to close a public roadway for a block party.

  2. Lombard Pride Cleanup Registration

    For people interested in signing up to participate in trails cleanup.

  3. Public Works Citizens Academy Participant Survey

    A survey for residents that have participated in the Public Works Citizens Academy.

  4. Request for Placement of a Temporary Dumpster in Village Right-of-Way

    This form is used to request permission to place a temporary dumpster within the Village right-of-way.

  5. Waste Management At Your Door Collection Satisfaction Survey

    A satisfaction survey of users of the At Your Door Collection.