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Request for Placement of a Temporary Dumpster in Village Right-of-Way


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    1. Conditions for Temporary Dumpsters
      A temporary dumpster from any waste hauler (not exclusive to Waste Management) may be used for construction work and for home cleaning. Dumpsters and Bagsters shall be placed at least 10 feet from any building to minimize fire hazard.

      Dumpsters and Bagsters shall be placed on private property unless permission is granted by the Lombard Public Works Department with the following conditions:

      1. (a) There must be a demonstrated difficulty to accommodate the dumpster on private property
      2. (b) The dumpster shall be in place for no longer than one week unless otherwise authorized with specific dates
      3. (c) A barricade with a working flasher must be placed in the street at both outside corners of the dumpster
      4. (d) The dumpster must be placed where on-street parking is allowed and at least 15 feet from any fire hydrant and 30 feet from any crosswalk or traffic sign or signal
      5. (e) The person(s) placing the dumpster shall be responsible for any damages, liability, and fly dumping
      6. (f) The dumpster shall be no larger than 20 cubic yards
      7. (g) The dumpster shall not be placed between December 1 and March 31
      8. (h) The dumpster shall be removed within 6 hours of notice to do so from the Police Chief or Fire Chief (penalty of not less than $50 nor more than $750 for each day thereafter)
      9. (i) In the Central Business District, the additional requirements apply:
        • Provide written approval from the Community Development Department
        • A tarpaulin must be placed over the dumpster when not actively being used
        • Pay a dumpster replacement fee in the amount of $100 unless associated with an active building permit
        • Provide a certificate of insurance with comprehensive general liability in the amount of $1,000,000 naming the Village of Lombard as additional insured and containing a statement that the policy may not be canceled without 30 days written notice to the Village
        • Remove the dumpster on Saturdays and Sundays
        • Placement must be in a demarcated parking space but not in a space reserved for persons with disabilities, not on Saint Charles Road between Lincoln Avenue and Martha Street, not on Park Avenue between Grove Street and Michael McGuire Drive, and not on Main Street between Grove Street and Saint Charles Road