Contractor Information

Choosing a Contractor

The Illinois Attorney General’s Office has information to help homeowners choose a contractor.  Contractor registrations and related information is collected through the permit process.   When you are securing a building permit and having your contractor schedule inspections, you are purchasing another set of eyes to help ensure that your project is being constructed per code.  If you have any questions about construction activity, the building permit process, or how the Village can help you make your project a success, please feel free to contact us at (630)620-5750.

Apply or Renew for Contractor Registration Online!

All contractors must obtain a Village of Lombard Contractor Registration Certificate to perform permitted work within the Village.  The registration fee is $100 and is valid for 1 year from the date of issuance.  

Did you know that the Village of Lombard now offers convenient online permitting and contractor registration? You can submit a request for contractor registration, upload the supporting documents and access updates through the portal, from your phone or computer at any time! 

Online not for you? Call the Building Division at 630-620-5750.

Registered Contractors and Contractor Registration Requirements 

All contractors who are registered with the Village must meet certain requirements as outlined in the Contractor Registration Requirements handout.   

Carpenter/Communications: *Certificate of Insurance
Electrical:    Copy of current license (from a testing municipality) & *Certificate of Insurance 
Elevator:Elevator Co. License, *Certificate of Insurance
Excavator/Concrete/Paving/Masonry/Fence:*Certificate of Insurance
General Contractor:*Certificate of Insurance
HVAC/Iron/Steel:*Certificate of Insurance
Plumber/Lawn Sprinkler:Copy of current license State of Illinois Dept. of Public Health Registration
Roofer:Copy of State Roofing License

Sprinkler/Alarm Contractor:
*Certificate of Insurance

Copy of State of Illinois License

*All Certificates of Insurance must provide a minimum of $300,000 single limit manufacturer’s and contractor’s liability. If doing work in the Village’s right of way, the Village of Lombard must be listed as additional insured and certificate holder.