Certificate of Occupancy

Completing an Application

A Certificate of Occupancy/Zoning Certificate is required prior to occupancy for all new commercial buildings, new residential buildings, new tenant spaces, fire restorations, new owners and change of business names. A Certificate of Occupancy/Zoning Certificate application must be completed in order to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy/Zoning Certificate. 

Click here to apply online!

How do I apply for a permit online?

  1. Create a username/password for the online portal (it's best to use your email as the username)
  2. Apply for a permit with the application type of commercial
  3. Subtype is certificate of occupancy 
  4. Complete the documents and hit submit!
  5. If you cannot apply online, or have questions, please call the Building Division at 630-620-5750. 


Make sure you have the following information before you begin: 

  • Name and type of business
  • Address of proposed business location
  • Applicant’s name, address and phone number
  • Property Owner’s name, address and phone number
  • Total square footage of tenant space
  • Number of employees on premises at maximum shift capacity
  • Detailed description of business activities at the proposed business location
  • Type of fire and police alarms at proposed business location
  • Name of company servicing fire and police alarms
  • Hours of operation of proposed business
  • Emergency and after hours contact information

Submitting the Application

After you submit your certificate of occupancy application online payment will be required.  Go back into your application on the portal/website to make the payment. 

Once a complete application is received, the Planning Services Division will review the application for zoning requirements and the Building Division will ensure all building construction, if any, has been completed and meets the Building Code standards.  After we receive approval from the Planning Services Division a Life Safety Inspection is required.  The Village requires at least two (2) business days to review the application prior to the scheduling of a Life Safety Inspection.  A Life Safety Fire Inspection, conducted by a Lombard Fire Prevention Inspector, is required prior to occupancy of new or existing tenant spaces or new multi-family occupancies.  Life Safety Inspections are usually scheduled along with building permit required inspections, if applicable.  Inspections can be scheduled through the online system with your permit number or calling the Building Division at 630-620-5750.  After the Life Safety Inspection, the Village of Lombard requires two (2) business days to prepare and issue the Certificate.

Issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy

The Building Division will notify the applicant listed on the application when the Certificate of Occupancy/Zoning Certificate is approved.  If you applied online an email will be sent to the email address provided.


  • Residential Certificate of Occupancy                                                         $100.00
  • Conditional Residential Certificate of Occupancy                                      $125.00
  • Commercial Certificate of Occupancy/Zoning Certificate                           $125.00
  • Conditional  Commercial Certificate of Occupancy/Zoning Certificate       $150.00

Questions?  Email permits@villageoflombard.org