Permit Requirements and Fees


A permit application (PDF) is needed for all building permits and applications are available at the Village Hall. This online fillable application is for non-digital non-online submittals. Click here to apply for permits online. The application can be completed by the property owner, general contractor, or contractor. All relevant information must be filled in, and all contractor requirements must be on file with Village’s Building Division prior to issuance of the building permit. In addition, the application needs to be attached to the plat of survey and drawing requirements stated below. Clearly note or highlight the location of the proposed work on the plat of survey. All drawings must be to scale.

The plan review process is done on a first come, first served basis. Usually, the time frame involved is approximately 2-3 weeks for new buildings or large additions. However, small structures such as sheds, garages, porches, and decks take less time, while large developments and subdivisions require a greater amount of time.  During the peak construction season (late spring through the beginning of winter), the review process can take 4-6 weeks.  

The Building Permit Submittal Book shows permit types and requirements for each permit type.  The fee schedule details out building permit fees.

Permit Fees

Fees are calculated by permit type at the end of permit review.

If you live in a building or area with a Homeowners or Condo Association please check with your Board and Management Company before you begin any work. They may require additional approvals above and beyond Village Code provisions.

Engineering Requirements

  1. Stormwater detention as per DuPage County’s countywide Storm Water Management Ordinance, as applicable, or as more restrictive per Chapter 151 of the Municipal Code.  The permit application can be completed here.
  2. All plans must be prepared, signed, and sealed by a Registered Professional Engineer
  3. Engineering calculations for stormwater detention must be prepared, signed, and sealed by a Registered Professional Engineer
  4. Clearly identify all proposed improvements;
  5. Engineers estimated costs
         Reflect public right-of-way improvements and restoration;
         All improvements associated with a stormwater facility
  6. Erosion Control
  7. Letter of Credit Required for Public Improvements

Fire Prevention

Specific procedures for the installation, or modifications, of fire suppression and detection systems, are required. Procedural instructions are issued from this office.  The Fire Prevention Bureau is required to witness the testing of all systems as prescribed by the adopted Codes and referenced NFPA Standards of the Village of Lombard.

Life Safety Fire Inspection Checklist


The Village of Lombard requires a Business License for certain businesses.  Please contact 630-620-5913 for information relative to Business Licenses. 

Helpful Phone Numbers

  • (630) 620-5749 (Planning Services & Private Engineering Services) 
  • (630) 620-5750 (Building Division) 
  • (630) 620-5750 (Fire Prevention)
  • (630) 620-5740 (Public Works)