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Proclamation or Certificate Request Form

  1. Village of Lombard Proclamation or Certificate Request Form

    The issuance of proclamations and certificates aims to recognize and celebrate significant achievements, milestones, and events within the Village of Lombard.

    Eligibility Criteria for Proclamation or Certificate Requests

    1. Arts and cultural celebrations taking place within the Village of Lombard.

    2. A Lombard resident celebrating a 100th birthday.

    3. A Lombard-based charity group or not-for-profit organization that has accomplished a milestone achievement.

    4. Special honors determined by the Lombard Village President.

    5. A Lombard resident or Lombard-based not-for-profit group may submit a request regarding a local recognition of a nationally established Commemorative Observance, as defined by the Library of Congress (

    Rules for Submission and Limitations

    1. Forms must be submitted a minimum of four weeks in advance of the date needed.

    2. Requests must be submitted using the electronic form provided. Phone, fax, email, or mail requests will not be honored.

    3. Requests must be made by a Lombard resident or Lombard-based organizations.

    4. Request must include 4-6 WHEREAS clauses and 1 THEREFORE clause to be used for proclamation; however, the Village of Lombard reserves the right to modify any proposed language.

    5. Requests may be made by seated elected officials that directly represent Lombard; however, requests within four weeks of an upcoming election in which the official is running will not be granted.

    6. All requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

    7. Only one proclamation per topic and/or organization will be issued annually.

    8. In cases where the criteria for a proclamation are not met, a certificate of recognition or congratulatory letter may be provided as an alternative.

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