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1. *What is considered the parkway?
2. *Who is responsible for maintenance of the parkway?
3. *Who maintains the parkway trees?
4. *How do I get a tree planted in my parkway?
5. *I don't like my parkway tree, will the Village remove it?
6. *How often are parkway trees trimmed?
7. *Will the Village remove a parkway tree if the roots are getting into my sewer line?
8. *Does the Village pick up brush?
9. *Who maintains trees in utility easements?
10. *My neighbor has a dead tree in their yard, why doesn't the Village make them remove it?
11. *My tree has recently been removed, what happens next?
12. *The Village contractor removed my tree, who's responsible for the grindings?
13. The contractor removed the stump grindings but the area is still bare. Are they done?
14. *The Village just put seed or sod in my parkway, who is responsible for watering it?
15. *How do I care for the newly seeded area at my residence?