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Code Administration and Property Maintenance Action Request Form

  1. Thank you for taking the time to submit this Form. For further information, please call 630-620-5757. Any issues that relate to or involve immediate health or safety hazards please call 911.

    The Code Administration Division provides for activities associated with enforcement of the Zoning Ordinance, Sign Ordinance and applicable sections of the Municipal Code dealing with nuisance control including: parking on grass, items in parkway, litter, grass/weeds over 8", uncovered garbage cans/dumpsters, inactive vehicles, garbage cans out beyond pickup day, and vegetation from private property blocking sidewalk. They also enforce the International Property Maintenance Code for matters such as fences in disrepair, buildings in disrepair (i.e. rotted wood or peeling paint), broken windows, and interior maintenance issues.
    We appreciate your assistance, so please send us updates to “Report a Concern” if you see the problem get better or worse. We may need to do the inspection from an adjacent property; therefore, we would like your permission to enter your property prior to the inspection. Please note this in the comment section below.

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  3. Does the Village have permission to enter your property to view the possible violation?

    We may be required to do inspections from an adjacent property, therefore we would like your permission to enter your property prior to doing the inspection. Please note above if we have your permission.

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