Where can I purchase a yard waste sticker?

Stickers are available at participating local stores including the Jewel Food Stores in Lombard and Villa Park, 7-11 on Main Street, Johnson’s Lighthouse BP Gas Station in Villa Park, Ace Hardware, and all three West Suburban Bank locations. Stickers are not available at Village Hall.

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1. Why is a bundled brush collection fee being implemented now (April 2019) after being free for so long?
2. What is the difference between a core service and an enhanced service?
3. Why was free bundled brush collection identified as an enhanced service?
4. What is the bundled brush collection fee?
5. Where can I purchase a yard waste sticker?
6. Will the Village require a yard waste sticker for brush collection after a storm event?
7. What are the restrictions for bundled brush collection?
8. If I don’t want to pay the fee, is there an alternative to bundled brush collection?
9. Why is there a budget deficit?
10. I pay taxes. Why don’t my tax dollars pay for this service?
11. What is the Village doing to help with the budget issues?