What if I want to park my cruise car?

Cruise parking will be available on Saint Charles Road from Elizabeth up to the private lot entrance immediately west of the concert space. This lot will be used for cruise cars to turn around. Cruise car parking lots (5/3 Bank at 211 West Street Charles, State Farm at 118 West Street Charles, and Lombard Family Health Center at 126 West Saint Charles) will remain the same as previous weeks. There will be no parking on North Park Avenue or on St Charles Rd., east of the yellow parking area indicated below. 

Cruiser map american english 2019

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1. When is American English playing in downtown Lombard?
2. Where will the concert be located?
3. Will alcohol be available in the concert area?
4. What road closures will be in place for the event?
5. Where can I park?
6. What if I want to park my cruise car?
7. When can I park my cruise car?
8. Where is handicapped parking located?
9. Where can I can set up my chair to watch the concert?
10. What am I allowed to bring into the event?
11. What will not be allowed at the event?
12. In addition to American English, what other entertainment will be provided?