What action has the Village taken to help provide more space for stormwater?

As record setting storms continue to increase in frequency, the Village continues to invest in stormwater management improvements including:

  • Pond modifications have gained a total of 26 acre-feet for flood waters: Terrace View Pond (13 ac-ft), Vista Pond (6.5 ac-ft), Morris Pond (4 ac-ft), and Finley/Charles Lane Pond (2.6 ac-ft). This volume is equivalent to filling a football field 24 feet deep.
  • The installation of backup generators at all sanitary lift stations, keeping Lombard’s 14 sanitary pumping stations operable despite electrical outages.
  • Increasing the Village’s stormwater pumping capacity by replacing the 40-year-old pump station at Crescent Ave and the East Branch of the DuPage River. In doing so, the pumping rate has increased from 50 to 170 cubic feet per second until the river reaches its 10-year flood stage, wherein the rate reduces to match the former rate in order not to worsen flooding along the river itself.

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