Why are my property taxes so high and where do they go?

While property taxes may be high, it’s important to remember that the Village of Lombard receives less than 8% of the total tax bill, meaning that less than $0.08 ($0.0757 cents) of every dollar paid in property taxes will go to the Village. 

* Please note that this response will be updated with the 2021 Property Tax allocation information in May 2022, when it becomes availabe from DuPage County.

property tax graph (JPG)

*Chart is based on tax code 6011.  There are 30 tax codes in Lombard and each receives a different property tax bill depending on whether the area is included within a given taxing district’s boundaries.  This tax code was selected as an example only.

As shown in the pie chart, the majority of the Village’s property taxes go toward educational services, which includes Districts 87, 44, and COD 502. The remainder goes toward the Village, the Library, the Lombard Park District, DuPage County (which includes DuPage County, DuPage County Health Department, DuPage County Forest Preserve District, and DuPage Airport Authority), and York Township (which includes York Township and York Township Road). www.villageoflombard.org/townships 

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