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Posted on: November 5, 2019

Lombard Police Remind Motorists to Move Over: Scott's Law

Move Over for Emergency Vehicles (JPG)

Scott’s Law was named in honor of Scott Gillen of the Chicago Fire Department who was struck and killed by a drunk driver while assisting at a crash on a Chicago Expressway. To avoid unnecessary risk to emergency service personnel, Scott's Law, also known as the "move over law," was passed in 2017.

In the past several days, three State Trooper vehicles were struck while they were parked, performing job duties. In 2019, 26 State Troopers and multiple fire vehicles have been struck. Please remember to slow down and move over! 

Scott's Law
When approaching a stationary emergency vehicle that is displaying flashing warning lights, Illinois motorists must: 

  • Slow down
  • Drive with caution
  • Move over to another lane or reduce speed if changing lanes is unsafe.

Construction Zones/Work Zones 
When entering a highway construction area, Illinois law requires motorists to: 

  • Slow down
  • Discontinue wireless use
  • Yield or change lanes away from any authorized vehicles or workers in the area.

Scotts Law Image (PNG)

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