Instructions To Applicants

Downtown Relocation Program Instructions To Applicants

This preliminary instruction form is to assist eligible applicants in preparing the necessary submittal for the Relocation Grant Program. Please refer to the handout entitled Downtown Relocation Grant Program, for explanation regarding eligibility criteria.

After a preliminary meeting with representatives from the Community Development Department, eligibility for this program will be determined. The following steps need to be accomplished:

1. Presentation of the proposed relocation expenditures should be made to the Community Development Department representative.

2. Changes/improvements to the interior, facade or signage should be discussed in the pre-application meetings. Changes to the facade or signage will require review by the Community Development Department. Building permits may be required of certain types of improvements.

3. The owner and applicant shall submit the following documents to the Community Development Department:

    a. Pre-application form

    b. Preliminary plans and preliminary cost estimates.

    c. Color of materials and material samples, as applicable.

    d. Details of signage and awning design, as applicable.

    e. A copy of the lease agreement between the business and the redevelopment agreement must be submitted, as well as a lease for the new business location.

4. After review by the Community Development Department representative, a certificate of approval will be forwarded to the business owner.

5. Upon receipt of a certificate of approval outlining funding eligibility, the owner should proceed as follows:

    a. Final plans and final cost estimates to be submitted to the Community Development Department.

    b. Final plans to be submitted to the Building and Inspection Services Division for issuance of building permit, as applicable.

    c. Submittal of three estimates from contractors to perform the renovation work, as applicable.

6. Owner/applicant shall submit final cost estimates and the names of the contractors or vendors they wish to employ.

7. A final notice to proceed letter and draft agreement to be executed between the business owner and the Village of Lombard shall be forwarded to the business owner by representatives of the Department of Community Development.

8. After a building permit has been issued, as applicable, relocation expenses are then authorized and may commence.. All necessary building and other department inspections should be coordinated through the Department of Community Development.

9. The new business location will be inspected by the Community Development Department representative for conformance with the relocation plans submitted.

10. After sign-off by all departments, submittal of progress and payroll reports, and waiver of liens, the Community Development Department representative will process the necessary grant disbursement.

11. Program eligibility may be limited based upon the individual redevelopment agreement for the affected property. The redevelopment agreement terms and conditions shall supersede this program.

Participation in the Relocation Grant Program does not limit additional participation in other programs such as the Downtown Improvement and Facade Program or the Village of Lombard Low Interest Loan Program.

12. Grants under $10,000 may be approved by the Director of Community Development. Grants $10,000 and over require approval of the Lombard Board of Trustees.

Additional information may be requested by email.