Downtown Relocation Grant Program

About the Grant Program

The purpose of the Relocation Program is to provide for retention of non-residential uses impacted by redevelopment agreements within the tax increment financing (TIF) District adopted by the Village Board and future redevelopment of the affected property. This is intended to complement and support the Village's plans to maintain a quality TIF District.

The redevelopment of particular parcels of land and the retention of commercial uses is crucial to maintaining an economically strong TIF District area; a commercial area where the image, appearance and environment encourage the attraction of shoppers.

The intention of this program is to provide financial resources to assist impacted business owners re-establish their business within the Village of Lombard and in an area which is appropriate to that use.

The application packet consists of a statement of the grant policy, instructions to applicants and a pre-application form.  It is the intention of the Department of Community Development to make the application process as easy as possible.

Grant Eligibility

1.  Relocation.  Eligible costs may include: rent differential for a like or similar location (square footage, quality, location, visibility) for either six months or the balance of the lease (whichever is greater), moving costs (truck rental or professional mover), initiation and hook up of new utility services, set up costs of equipment, required new equipment by a governmental body, interior remodeling of new location, exterior signs, stationery and business cards, and other moving incidentals.

2.  Amount.  Once approved, applicants for the Relocation Program are eligible to receive grants as follows: 

For businesses utilizing under 1,000 sq. ft.
100 percent reimbursement for eligible expenses of the first $5,600. The Relocation Program provides for 60 percent reimbursement of eligible expenses between $5,600 and $11,200.

For businesses utilizing 1,000 sq. ft. or more
100 percent reimbursement for eligible expenses of the first $11,200. The Relocation Program provides for 60 percent reimbursement of eligible expenses between $11,200 to $16,800.

3.  Ownership.  Eligible applicants must be the owner of the commercial business located in a property in which a Village Redevelopment Agreement in the TIF has been executed. Notwithstanding the foregoing, no owner of a non-residential use located in a property in which a Village Redevelopment Agreement in the TIF has been executed shall be eligible for a Relocation Grant if that owner currently holds title to or is the holder of beneficial interest in a trust that holds title or is otherwise directly or indirectly interested in the ownership of the property that is subject of the Redevelopment Agreement, or was the titleholder or holder of a beneficial interest in a trust, that conveyed the property to its current titleholder.

4.  Fees.  Professional, engineering, architectural and permit fees may be included in the relocation costs.

5.  Conformance.  All improvements must conform to all building and zoning codes of the Village of Lombard and to criteria developed for this Program.

6.  Disclosure.  Program eligibility may be limited based upon the individual redevelopment agreement for the affected property. The redevelopment agreement terms and conditions shall supersede this program.

Participation in the Relocation Grant Program does not limit additional participation in other programs such as the Downtown Improvement and Facade Program or the Village of Lombard Low Interest Loan Program.

7.  Grant Amounts.  Grants under $10,000 may be approved by the Director of Community Development. Grants $10,000 and over require approval of the Lombard Board of Trustees.

Procedural Requirements

An applicant must first meet with the Director of Community Development for advice and technical assistance. A checklist is to be followed when applying for the Relocation Program. The applicant will submit a pre-application form accompanied by any remodeling, signage or facade plans, including sample materials, color samples and detailed cost estimates of the eligible expenses. All plans must follow appropriate design guidelines and code requirements. Improvements made prior to the approval of the application and execution of the agreement may be ineligible.

Please call (630) 620-5756 for further information, copies of any documents, or to set up an appointment.

Federal and Local Requirements

In order to qualify for the Relocation Program, the building must be in an area in which the Village Board of Trustees has entered into a redevelopment agreement within the tax increment financing district site. The business owner must complete the pre-application, and be prepared to comply with all federal and local regulations. The Village will review the plans if signage is included. The Department of Community Development will administer the Relocation Program.