Village Demographics

General Demographics
Total Population, estimate, July 1, 2017   43,745
Total Population, Census, April 1, 2010 43,165
 Male 49.2%
 Female 50.8%
 Hispanic (of any race) 10.2%
 Not Hispanic 89.8%
2050 Estimated Population * 50,512
Median Age 39.1
Total Households 17,478
Average Household Size 2.47
Median Household Income $73,145
Total Housing Units 18,576
Owner Occupied 73.1%
Renter Occupied 26.9%
Median Home Value $244.900
High School graduate (includes equivalency) 94.3%
Bachelor's Degree or higher 45.0%

Source: U.S. Census Bureau.  All educational attainment data is for the population 25 and older.  
* Source: Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning

Village Data
 County DuPage
 Townships York, Milton, Addison, Bloomingdale
 Area of Village  10.5 square miles
 Form of Government  Village Manager/Council
 Fire Protection  2 stations, 7 vehicles
 Police Protection  1 station, 35 vehicles
 Recreation  18 parks, 1 golf courses, 16 tennis courts, 1 swimming pool 
FY 2017 Sales Tax Receipts** 
(does not include non-home rule sales tax)

** Source: State of Illinois, Department of Revenue

 Employment Data
2015 Employees* 30,999
2040 Estimated Employment * 34,221

* Source: Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning

Average Weather
Average Summer Temp 84.0 degrees
Average Winter Temp 24.3 degrees
Average Yearly Rainfall 37 inches
Average Yearly Snowfall 33 inches

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