Income Tax Info

The Village of Lombard would like to inform residents of the local sales tax rate.

In preparing 2016 income tax returns, when asked your local sales tax rate, the correct figure is 2.00%.

Here is how it is determined:

Lombard General Merchandise sales tax         8.00%*
State sales tax rate                                     (6.00%)
Local sales tax rate                                    2.00%

Out of the total 8.25% sales tax charged in Lombard, 6.25% of that is mandatory as the State of Illinois sales tax. The 2.00% additional tax on top of that is the local sales tax rate for federal income tax purposes.

* Please note that effective June 1, 2016, the total sales tax rate decreased to 8.00% from its previous 8.25%.  This is due to the portion of the sales tax for DuPage Water Commission (0.25%) expired at that time.  Please consult with your tax consultant, as this change became effective June 1, 2016.  Note however that the local sales tax rate remained the same at 2.00%.

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