Village Manager


The Village Manager is the chief administrative officer of the Village responsible for the professional management of all departments and operations of the Village. The Village Manager's Office is responsible for ensuring the efficient delivery of all municipal services as defined by the Village Board of Trustees in the Village’s Strategic Plan.
Residents may address general inquiries to the Village Manager's Office. Specific issues or project concerns may be referred to the appropriate department to make certain that the matter is addressed in a comprehensive manner.

Other areas that the Village Manager's Office is responsible for include:

Legal Matters

The legal matters of the Village are conducted through the Village’s contracted counsel. Counsel is responsible for advising the President and Board of Trustees or any Village officer on all legal questions arising in the conduct of Village business.

The processing of Liquor License Applications and Liquor Licensing are handled through the Village President and the Legal Services staff. All legal matters can be addressed by contacting the Village Legal Assistant at (630) 620-5913. 

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