L.E.A.R.N. Project

The LEARN Project was developed by the Lombard Office of Emergency Management in cooperation with:

*    Villa Park Police & Fire Departments
*    Lombard Police & Fire Departments
*    Lombard School District 44
*    Villa Park School District 45
*    Glenbard High School District 87

Implementation of the project was made possible through the support of Portable Communications Specialists in Addison, Illinois.

The LEARN Project (Local Education Assistance & Response Network) was developed as an early warning communications network to facilitate the rapid dissemination of emergent communications between area educational facilities and emergency responders.  The system provides a direct voice communications path between school officials present at the incident and area Law Enforcement, Fire, and Emergency Medical Services.

The LEARN network is available for use by all educational institutions (public or private) throughout the Lombard and Villa Park area.  Communications will be monitored 24 hours a day by the Lombard and Villa Park Police Departments and the Village of Lombard Office of Emergency Management Emergency Communications Center.

In the event the area suffers a serious disaster or emergency, the LEARN project will also be utilized to coordinate and disseminate information regarding the emergency and relay information between agencies. 

The Village of Lombard is classified as a STORMREADY Community.