Found Property

The Lombard Police Department maintains a listing of found property with no owner identification. If you believe an item may belong to you, you will need to contact the Evidence and Property Section at (630) 873-4461 and provide additional information to determine ownership. The Evidence and Property Section is open Monday through Friday, except for holidays, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

These items are retained for approximately six months per Illinois statute765 ILCS 1030. If unclaimed after six months, the item (if applicable) is sent to, an online auction site open for bidding to the general public.  We also use which holds weekly auctions. They auction all abandoned, stolen, lawfully seized, or unclaimed property of every kind from law enforcement agencies nationwide. These websites are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Unclaimed monies are deposited into the Village of Lombard general fund.

08/26/2023 Key to a Honda Lilacia Park
08/25/2023 Key Smart Key Chain with misc. keys 300 S. Main St
08/17/2023 Kansas driver license turned into PD
08/04/2023 Green Hunter Wallet  600 Blk E. LeMoyne
07/29/2023 Black, White and Red Striped Wallet Yorktown Mall
07/29/2023 Brown and Black Sunglasses St. Charles and Park Ave
07/23/2023 Debit  Card Four Seasons Park
07/19/2023 cash St. Charles/Parkside 
07/19/2023 Wallet St. Charles/Parkside
07/18/2023 Bracelet Addison Ave
07/17/2023 cash Elizabeth/ St. Charles
07/16/2023 Debit Cards 600 S. Blk Main St
07/12/2023 Cash 300 S. BLK Main St
07/09/2023 Key FOB (Infinity) MADISON MEADOWS
07/08/2023 Apple Watch St. Charles/ Parkside
06/29/2023 Guatemala Consulate Card Police Station
06/27/2023 Cash/Wallet 200 E. Blk Roosevelt Road