Security Camera Registration Program

blue security camera imageThe Lombard Police Department invites the community to take part in the Security Camera Registration Program. This program allows residents and business owners to voluntarily register the locations of their outdoor security cameras, video doorbells and similar systems with the Lombard Police Department to help deter and solve crimes in the community.

Through this camera registration program, Lombard Police will be able to quickly identify locations of cameras that are nearby crime scenes and contact residents for video surveillance footage.

There is absolutely no cost to register your security camera. Registration is completely free, voluntary and you can cancel your registration at any time. Enrollment in the program does not grant the Lombard Police Department direct access or control over any privately-owned cameras or security systems. Additionally, there is no requirement to provide footage at any time.  

Knowing ahead of time where cameras are located greatly speeds up investigations and the apprehension of suspects. The program is simply a registry to let the Lombard Police Department know that you have a security camera system, that you are willing to assist the police and the best way to reach you.

The Lombard Police Department will only contact program participants if a criminal incident occurred near the registered camera system and officers believe the system may have captured footage that could aid in identifying and apprehending suspects.

Join the Security Camera Registration Program

To participate in the voluntary security camera registration program, please click on the button below and complete the online registration form

If you have any questions or need to modify your request, please contact

Frequently Asked Questions

The Lombard Police Department’s Security Camera Registration program is a free, voluntary registry of external-facing home or business security cameras meant to assist police officers during an investigation. By participating in the program, you indicate that you may be willing to share previously recorded footage if requested by an officer.