No Mow 'til Mother's Day

no mow pic (PDF)

The Village of Lombard and the Public Works and Environmental Concerns Committee are encouraging residents to participate in the “No Mow ‘til Mother’s Day” initiative. This program invites residents to avoid mowing their lawn – or a portion of their lawn – through the first week of May to help support the local ecology, the habitats of pollinators and area wildlife. 

Due to the overwhelming response to the “No Mow ‘til Mother’s Day” pilot program that was introduced in 2023, the Village has made changes to the Village Code to allow for all residents to participate in 2024.

The Village had over 650 residents support the initiative in 2023. As a result, the Village Board recently amended Section 92.31 of the Code that addresses weeds and vegetation. The amendments allow for grass, both on private property and the parkway, to exceed the maximum height of 8” until the Saturday following Mother’s Day. Residents participating will not need to sign up with the Village nor will the Village provide signage. Residents who participated in 2023 may display the sign that was provided last year, but signage is not required for participation. The Village will begin enforcement of the Village Code provision on the second Sunday in May.  

Residents may choose to designate their entire lawn or a portion of their lawn to the no-mow event, which would still benefit the local ecology.

No Mow ‘til Mother’s Day FAQs

The purpose of the No Mow ‘til Mother’s Day program is to better accommodate the springtime propagation of flowering plants (e.g., clover and dandelions) and also insects that serve as food for birds and pollinators for plants. In addition to benefiting pollinators, reducing mowing frequency will save water, help your lawn become more resilient to drought, and reduce emissions from gas-powered lawn equipment that often lacks the emission reduction equipment found on larger engines.

The Village has partnered with the Lombard Garden Club on this initiative. The Lombard Garden Club is very active in the community. In partnership with local organizations, it contributes to the beauty of Lombard through donations and volunteer service. As members of the Garden Clubs of Illinois and the National Garden Clubs, Inc. it participates in programs that address current national gardening issues such as the decline of the Monarch butterfly population and the awareness of the value of pollinators. Information on conservation efforts and environmental issues can be found on the Lombard Garden Club’s website at