Step 3: What Does the Village Do?

The Village can ...  

Our meetings at conferences or regular updates don’t always result in a business locating right away in the community, sometimes it can take several years for companies to decide if they want to establish or expand their business in Lombard.  Depending on the location, the business may need to meet with IDOT, the current property owners, and numerous other stakeholders. The Village takes steps to proactively meet with business representatives so that Lombard is positioned for these business considerations and that these businesses will have a direct contact at the Village to start the process. It should be noted that real estate brokers are often aware of the available sites in Lombard.  Many times brokers call the Village, sometimes with a site in mind, other times to inquire about a general area.  The Village also receives calls from prospective businesses to locate in Lombard.  The Village can make them aware of available sites in the proper zoning district. 

What doesn't the Village do?

  • cannot choose the location for a business 
  • cannot allow a business to open, as long as the zoning and other factors have been met
  • cannot control how many of one type of business opens
  • cannot mandate a business plan (exceptions for Village grants)