Special Event Permit

Special or Temporary events occur over a specific and limited span of time, which has not been authorized or permitted by the certificate of occupancy or conditional use zoning approval.  Please contact cd@villageoflombard.org to determine if your event requires a special event permit. A complete permit application must be received at least 20 days prior to the proposed event.  Staff may require additional review time for larger events. 

Requirements include:

  • Application (must be filled out online)
  • Site Plan
  • Insurance
  • Dram Shop insurance, if providing alcohol
  • Associated fees

Special events are limited to thirty days for Lombard businesses. Seasonal outdoor garden sales are limited to four months, and carnivals or circuses are limited to ten consecutive days.  Properties are limited to no more than four permits per calendar year. Examples of special events include outdoor garden sales, carnivals, races, festivals, or events that use Village services.

If the event will sell items subject to retail sales tax, please note, the event organizer shall supply information to the Illinois Department of Revenue on the vendors.  Each vendor shall register with the Illinois Department of Revenue prior to the event. 

  • The special event application is online, and the required materials must be uploaded to our online portal.  

If the event will utilize public streets or require public street closures, contact cd@villageoflombard.org. All new race routes require pre-approval.  Fees may be incurred as part of a special event. Village staff will determine if Village services are required, which would necessitate fees.