RTA Reduced Fare Program for Persons with Disabilities

The RTA Reduced Fare Program enables qualified persons with disabilities to ride all RTA services at a reduced rate.    
  • To meet the eligibility requirements for reduced fare, persons with disabilities must fill out the disability application and either have the doctor fill out both the disability form and attach a letter of diagnosis, or if you are receiving disability payments from Social Security, you need a print out from Social Security dated this year with the word 'disabled'.
  • You must also have a copy of one of the following types of identification: Drivers License, State of Illinois ID Card, Alien Registration Card, or passport or any government-issued ID that lists your date of birth. You also need a wallet-sized color photo.  To assist seniors in the application process, the Front Desk staff of the Village Hall will take pictures of the applicant and will make a photo copy of the applicant's driver's license or state ID card free of charge. 
  • To help the RTA accurately determine the applicant's eligibility for ADA Paratransit Service, once the form is filled out as completely and thoroughly as possible, the applicant must call the RTA ADA Paratransit Certification program to schedule an in-person interview.  The RTA Office is located in downtown Chicago at 165 N. Jefferson. Hours are Monday thru Friday 8:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. (Map)
  • If transportation is needed for the applicant to get to the interview or if the applicant will need American Sign Language or Spanish language interpreter services for the interview, the applicant must inform the RTA of this when they call to schedule the interview. 
  • More information is available on the RTA's web site or in the application packet which can be obtained at the Village Hall or by calling the ADA Paratransit Certification program at (312) 663-HELP (4357 voice) or (312) 913-3122 (if you have a  TTY). 
  • If you need assistance in filling out the form, the interviewer will assist you at your interview.