2020 Asphalt Paving & Patching Program

General Information

Tentative Start Date:  June 2020
Tentative Completion Date:  August 7, 2020
Project Manager:  Tom Dixon
Contractor:  Schroeder Asphalt Services, Inc.
Awarded Contract Amount:  $884,644.52
Funding Sources:  Motor Fuel Tax and General

Contact Information

Public Works Department
Phone: (630) 620-5740
Email:  publicworks@villageoflombard.org

Project Manager:  Tom Dixon
Phone: (630) 620-5971
Email:  dixont@villageoflombard.org

After Hours: Lombard Police Department

(630) 873-4400


Notify Me: Residents within construction areas are encouraged to sign up for Notify Me to receive timely updates regarding construction in their area.

Newsletters & Notices: Periodically, newsletters and notices will be distributed to residents to keep them apprised of current and upcoming construction related events.

7/6/20 - Main Street Improvements Notice
7/10/20 - Residential Newsletter #1

Project Information

This Project Includes:  Milling and resurfacing of selected streets; concrete removal and replacement work as needed, which will be primarily be spot curb replacement and sidewalk removal with ADA (American Disability Act) improvements at intersections; drainage structure adjustments; patching of utility repairs; pavement markings; parkway restoration.

Project Limits: Various streets throughout the Village that include:

Craig Place – Ash to Madison
Kelly Court – Washington to Cul-de-sac
Lombard Avenue – Maple to Morningside
Madison Street – Finley to Park
Main Street – Graham to Roosevelt
Northlake Drive – St. Regis to 22nd 
St. Regis Drive – Highland to 22nd 
Stewart Avenue – Maple to Morningside
Washington Blvd – Westmore-Meyers to Addison
Wilson Avenue – Main to Charlotte

Full-depth Patching will be done at the following locations:

329 N. Grace Street
141 W. St. Charles Road
20 E. St. Charles Road

Traffic Impact:  Construction on Main Street will impact traffic with temporary lane closures and associated construction work. Motorists are reminded to follow traffic signage and exercise caution within the work zone. Impact will be moderate for residential streets being resurfaced. Temporary one-lane traffic situations will occur during grinding and paving operations.

Construction Updates

9/1/20 - Village crews are paving this week on S. Lombard (9/1), S. Stewart (9/2) and S. Craig (9/3), between Maple and Morningside. Local traffic will remain open, as well as access to driveways. On street parking will be prohibited on the roads being paved each day. The parking restrictions will be posted the day before the paving of that roadway. Once paving is completed the parking restriction will be lifted and full access be allowed. This work is the final phase of the asphalt grind and overlay project on these streets that began earlier in the summer. Please use caution in and around this while work is going on. 

8/25/20 - Schroeder Asphalt is paving on Main Street (Graham-Roosevelt) today.  Two-way traffic will be maintained on the outside lanes as they pave the inner lanes.  Please exercise caution as you travel through the site.  If weather permits, striping will be take place at the end of this week.

8/24/20 - The contractor is paving on Main Street (Wilson-Roosevelt) today. Two-way traffic will be maintained on the inner lanes as they pave the outside lanes and side street intersections. Please exercise caution if traveling through the site. 

7/31/20 -  August 1st, traffic control on Main Street will be reduced to one lane each direction between Wilson Avenue and Roosevelt Road as grinding is done at the intersections. After grinding is completed on Main Street, prime coat will be applied to the 2 closed lanes. Once the prime has dried, traffic will be switched and the remaining 2 lanes will have prime coat applied. Please be aware of changing traffic patterns. 

Weather permitting, paving will begin Monday morning on Main Street and, if time allows, will also be started on Madison between Finley and Park Roads. 

Grinding will begin on St. Regis and Northlake Drives on Monday and this work should be completed in one day.

7/29/20 - The Village’s contractor will begin grinding the roadway tomorrow (7/30) on Craig between Ash and Madison. When the grinding is completed on Craig, operations will move to Stewart between Ash and Madison and then move to Lombard between Ash and Madison.  Due to the grinding operation, access to the roadways, including driveways, may be limited during operations.

7/24/20 - For the week of July 27, Main Street,St. Charles Road to Madison - Final pavement markings, sidewalk, and landscaping are scheduled to be completed. The Main Street Improvements Project, between Graham Street and St Charles Road, will then be substantially complete. Isolated minor restoration work will sporadically occur over the coming weeks. Access to side streets and driveways will be maintained. Information regarding the Main Street Improvements project can be found on the Main Street Improvements page.

Main Street, Graham Avenue to Roosevelt Road - Weather permitting, the contractor will begin grinding operations Monday morning. Initially two-way traffic will be maintained in the two inner lanes. When grinding of the outside lanes is complete, traffic will be switched to the outside lanes. The concrete portion of Main Street, from Glenbard East to Graham Avenue, will be done after the asphalt grinding is completed. Work patterns and traffic control will be the same as it was for the asphalt portion. After Main Street grinding is completed the grinding operation will move to Madison Street between Finley Road and Park Road. 

7/17/20 - For the week of July 20, final asphalt paving work that was delayed by weather is scheduled to begin Monday and be completed during the week. Paving will begin at St. Charles Road and continue to Graham Avenue, and slow-moving construction equipment will work within closed lanes. One travel lane in each direction will remain open throughout the paving process. Sidewalk corner work will be completed, and pavement marking installation will commence. Access to side streets and driveways will be maintained. 

An additional Main Street resurfacing project recently commenced and includes Roosevelt Road to Graham Avenue. Concrete work within that section is scheduled to continue next week.

7/13/20 - On Tuesday, July 14, the Main Street portion of the Asphalt Paving & Patching Program will begin with curb and gutter removal and replacement operations. Saw-cutting of curb and gutter will begin at Graham Avenue continuing south to Ann Street. This will be followed by curb removal and framing of the new curb and pouring of concrete should occur on Thursday, July 16. This work will be done within closed lanes. One travel lane in each direction will remain open throughout the concrete removal and replacement process. Sidewalk corner work will be done at Wilson Avenue and access to side streets and business entrances will be maintained throughout the project.

Please exercise caution within the work zone. All work is contingent to contractor scheduling and the weather. Your patience is appreciated during this improvement project.