Holiday Inn Express


The developer received a two-year time extension, until 2023.  The project is on hold due to Covid-19.  

March 5, 2020

On Thursday, March, 2020, the Village Board considered plans on second and final reading for the Holiday Inn Express Hotel at 451 E. North Avenue.  The project was approved by the Village Board on a 4-1 vote.  Before the developer can start construction, they will need to apply for and receive the required building permits.

Updated FAQ

February 20, 2020

On Thursday, February 20, 2020, the Village Board considered plans on first reading for the proposed Holiday Inn Express Hotel at 451 E. North Ave., north of the Lombard Lagoon. On first reading, the project was approved 5-1. No final action will be taken until the second reading, which will take place at the Village Board Meeting on March 5th. 

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January 28, 2020

At a Plan Commission Public Hearing on Monday, January 27, 2020, a proposed Holiday Inn Express at 451 E. North Ave, north of the Lombard Lagoon, was unanimously recommended (6-0), pending 14 conditions.

The conditions are in response to resident concerns and feedback. Conditions include (but are not limited to) newly added screening of the trash/recycling area, restriction of all signage on the south side of the property (facing the Lombard Lagoon), maintained fencing and landscaping adjacent to the Park, parking restrictions of construction vehicles, a new exterior paint color (yet to be determined) on the southern facing wall of the structure, and taller evergreens to be planted as a buffer. (See complete list of conditions below.)

Action: The Commissioners voted 6-0 to recommend approval subject to the conditions below. This item will be forwarded to the Village Board for consideration at their February 20, 2020 meeting.

  1. The petitioner shall develop the site in accordance with the plans submitted as part of this request and as modified by the conditions of approval set forth herein.
  2. The petitioner shall satisfactorily address all other development comments identified within the Inter-Department Review Report as part of any future permits as part of the project.
  3. The petitioner shall be required to apply for and receive building permits for any activity and/or improvements to the subject property.
  4. The trash/recycling area shall be screened per Village Code.
  5. A sign will be posted at the exit onto Joyce Avenue noting “No Right Turn” below the stop sign facing west and a left-turn only arrow shall be painted on the exit lane.
  6. Auto turns will be provided to Village staff as noted in the traffic report by KLOA.
  7. Signage shall meet Code, and the sample roof sign will need to be lowered, if used, and no wall signage shall be placed on the south building elevation.
  8. The fence and landscaping shall be maintained in good condition at all times.
  9. The petitioner shall provide the Village with a photometric plan for review and approval during final engineering review.
  10. Construction vehicles shall not park or stage on Joyce or LeMoyne Avenues. 
  11. A cross-access and cross-park agreement between 451 and 415 E. North Avenue shall be recorded before building permits will be issued.
  12. Pursuant to the Zoning Ordinance, project construction shall commence within one (1) year from the date of approval of the ordinance, unless a time extension is granted by the Village Board. 
  13. The color of the south side façade (facing the Lombard Lagoon) shall be addressed, and shall not be orange as shown in the proposed elevations.
  14. Taller evergreens trees shall be required to buffer the building.

Plan Commission Meeting Video

Public Hearing regarding proposed Holiday Inn Express Hotel, January 27, 2020.

FAQs: Proposed Holiday Inn Express, PC 20-01

January 8, 2020
(PDF of below FAQ’s)

What is the hotel being proposed and where is the proposed location?
There is a Holiday Inn Express proposed for development on at 451 E. North Ave., north of the Lombard Lagoon.  The property is currently vacant. The main entrance for the hotel will utilize North Avenue. The proposed hotel is a 4-floor building, with 85 rooms and 87 parking spaces.  A hotel is a permitted in the B4 zoning District. 

Holiday Inn Image 2020

When will the Village’s Plan Commission review the project?   
The public hearing is scheduled for Monday, January 27. At that meeting the project will be considered by the Plan Commission.  This meeting is open to the public.  Residents may speak at the meeting or submit written comments (letters or emails) prior to the meeting.

What is considered by the Plan Commission in their review?
The function of the Village’s Plan Commission is to review the materials and testimony pertaining to the proposed use of the property, its design and layout, compliance with the Comprehensive Plan and the standards set forth within Village Code. The Plan Commission does not make recommendations relative to building construction, stormwater management, public utilities, or financial matters, as those matters are either outside the purview of government regulation or are regulated through other sections of the Village Code. The Plan Commission is a recommending body and does not have final approval authority. The responsibility of the Plan Commission is to provide recommendation to the Village Board for final approval authority. The Village Board action will not take place until after the Plan Commission votes on and provides its final recommendations.

What zoning approvals is the project seeking from the Plan Commission?
At the Plan Commission’s Public Hearing on January 27th, they will consider evidence specific to the two following issues: 

  1. Height of the Proposed Building – The developer is applying for a zoning conditional use for the building height. In the B4 District, the Zoning Code allows for a building not to exceed three stories or 40 feet, whichever is less. A building at four stories or 45 feet, whichever is less, is allowed as a conditional use. The building is proposed at four stories with a height of 41’ 4” to the roof. We measure the height to the roof line, not the parapet wall (that height is 45’ 4”).
  2. A Major Plat of Resubdivison – a lot line is being proposed to move between the proposed hotel and Signature Banquets (the former Casey’s Restaurant).  The same entity owns both properties.  The resubdivision meets Code.

What changes to the site plan have been made since the neighborhood meeting on December 9, 2019?
Residents may remember a variance for a transitional landscape yard and for a transitional building setback at the south property line.  After the neighborhood meeting the petitioner revised the site plan and no longer needs those variances.  The development meets Code for the transitional landscape yard and for a transitional building setback at the south property line.  A hotel is a permitted in the B4 zoning District.  

Below is an image of the updated plans. A larger version of the plans is also available

Holiday Inn 2020 Updated Site Plans (JPG)

Why is the Village even hearing this request?
All property owners/petitioners have a legal right to request consideration of a development proposal for their property.  As the height is not a permitted use by right, its approval cannot be summarily approved by staff.  In this case, the matter must be considered through the Village’s public hearing process.  A hotel is a permitted in the B4 zoning District. 

Why is the Village putting a hotel in this location?
The Village does not decide what businesses open or build in Lombard. The Village’s responsibility is to ensure that businesses wishing to open are within proper zoning regulations. A hotel is a permitted use in this location, which is currently zoned as B4 Corridor Commercial District.

Is the hotel being built in the park/Lombard Lagoon?
No. The hotel is not being built in the park/Lombard Lagoon. The proposed hotel location is located adjacent to (north of) Lombard Park District property/Lombard Lagoon. The Park District is aware of the proposed hotel.

Why is the Park District allowing the building of a new hotel?
The Park District does not own the land that the proposed hotel is interested in developing. Similarly to neighbors, one property owner does not have authority to control another property owner’s decisions.

I live near the park and I enjoy the view of the pond. Will the proposed hotel block my view?
No. The proposed hotel location is along the North Ave. business corridor, located north of the park. The north side of the Lombard Lagoon is zoned as commercial and there are no residences between the hotel location and the park.

How will this affect my property taxes?
While a healthy businesses environment benefits local government through their required property taxes, one business may not have a noticeable effect. It is important to remember that all hotel visitors are required to pay an additional tax, known as the hotel/motel tax, which directly funds local events including Cruise Nights and Lilac Time events including the Parade.

Is there a demand for additional hotels in Lombard?
Holiday Inn studied the market conditions in the region and determined there is an opportunity for an additional hotel. Private market forces determine market demand. Local government does not place caps on the number of business establishments.

How will traffic generation and circulation be addressed? 
The Village traffic consultant will review the plans and provide comments that will be included in the staff report that will be presented to the Plan Commission at the public hearing at January 27th and the Village Board at a future meeting.

How will lighting be addressed?
The hotel will need to follow the Village Photometric Code (located in the Village’s Zoning Ordinance). Lighting will be provided for the parking lot, but will need to meet requirements at the property line to ensure the abutting properties will not receive any overflow light.

There was a neighborhood meeting that took place on December 9th and I did not know about it. Why didn’t I get notified? 
The Village is legally required to send notices of public hearing to all property owners within 250’ of the proposed development. In an effort to stay transparent and increase public awareness of this project, the Village hosted a non-mandatory neighborhood meeting on Monday, December 9, 2019, where residents were able to ask questions to the developer, the Park District, and Village Staff. The meeting was located off site, at the Lombard Lagoon, in order to provide convenient access to residents located near the proposed area. The public hearing for the project is not scheduled until January 27, 2019.

Why doesn’t the Village send letters to all Lombard residences when a public hearing or neighborhood meeting takes place? 
This direct mailing communication is focused on reaching those residents located closest to public hearing sites. There are 21,639 residences in Lombard. It would not be cost efficient or a responsible use of limited staff power and tax payer dollars to send mailings to all 21,639 residences, as the vast majority are not affected by localized projects.

I would like to be notified about all public hearings that are happening throughout the Village of Lombard, even if my residence is not located near the proposed project. How do I do that? 
The Village posts all public hearings on its website at Public hearings take place at Plan Commission Meetings, which are scheduled on the third Monday of the month, with the exception of the January meeting which takes place on the 4th Monday. All Plan Commission meetings are available to watch live on the Village’s local broadcast on both Comcast and AT&T and are also streamed live at

Additionally, any resident wishing to receive notifications about all public hearings may sign up for the Village’s public hearings email list at

 How can I find out more information, including getting a copy of the development plans?
Interested parties can call or email Jennifer Ganser, Assistant Director of Community Development, to view a copy of the plans at (630)620-5717 or

The Village received additional questions at the public meeting that were not planning related. Below is contact information related to questions asked.

For information related to the Helen Plum Library project, including tax increases and building plans, please contact the library directly at (630)627-0316. It’s important to remember that the Village and the Library are separate entities with separate boards, and as such the Village is not involved in the decision making of the Helen Plum Library.

For information regarding traffic control, stop signs, or truck traffic please contact the Lombard Police Department at (630)873-4400.