National Citizen Community Survey

In late 2016 the Village of Lombard partnered with the National Research Center for its first National Citizen Survey. 

Check out a quick video (right) and find detailed results in Lombard's Livability Report

(Surveys were mailed to 3,000 random households by a 3rd party.) The survey received a 36% response rate, which is well above the industry standard of 20%, and will provide useful information for years to come.

Survey Summary

  • Most residents rated their quality of life positively and think that Lombard is an excellent or good place to live. 
  • Most survey participants gave positive ratings for the overall image and overall appearance of Lombard and the vast majority also think Lombard is an excellent or good place to raise children. 
  • About 8 in 10 survey participants planned on remaining in Lombard for the next five years and 9 in 10 would recommend living in Lombard to others.
  • Residents indicated that Safety and Economy as important facets for Lombard to focus on in the coming two years.
  • When asked about sources of information about Lombard, the top source was the Village Pride newsletter.
  • Most residents noted that they would be very or somewhat likely to contact the Village or seek out information about the Village if needed. 

Lombard outpaced the National Average in the following categories:

  • Paths and riding trails
  • Travel by bicycle
  • Use of public transportation
  • Affordable quality housing
  • Housing options
  • Shopping opportunities
  • Health care
  • Child care/preschool