Public Sidewalk

There are 220 miles of public sidewalk in Lombard. The Village offers two programs to residents concerning repair or replacement of public sidewalk.

If a trip hazard (an elevation difference of more than 1¼ inch) is present in the public sidewalk a Public Works crew will either grind the area or ramp the trip hazard with asphalt to mitigate the immediate hazard. If asphalt is applied, the location is added to a list for repair or replacement.
If public sidewalk is in poor aesthetic condition (cracked and/or spalling- peel, pop, flake, or crumble due to water entering concrete), residents wishing to replace it may participate in the 50/50 Sidewalk Replacement Program. Residents participating in this program pay approximately 50% of the cost to replace each sidewalk square.

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50/50 Sidewalk Replacement Program Application

Lombard’s Sidewalk Saw Cutting Program to fix uneven sidewalks

(10/19/17) Public Works has partnered with a contractor for Lombard’s Sidewalk Saw Cutting Program, which aims to correct trip hazards Village wide. The process is fast, cost effective, and improves safety.

The project began recently and will be completed in zones over multiple years. The process includes the removal of vertical surface discontinuities in sidewalks between ¼" to 2½ ". The cuts will ensure the sidewalks are in complete accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Residents may notify Public Works of trip hazards greater than 1 ¼” for immediate ramping with asphalt, followed by replacement within 1 year.