Downtown Improvement & Renovation Grant Program

About The Grant Program

The Downtown Improvement and Renovation Grant Program seeks to increase the economic visibility of downtown Lombard by improving the aesthetics of the buildings, improving signage and increasing the availability and ease of parking.  The Downtown Improvement and Renovation Grant Program will offer a one-for-one matching grant to eligible property owners or businesses.  The maximum grant amount is $50,000.

There are two eligibility requirements to apply for the grant program:

1)  The business must be located in the Downtown, St. Charles Rd West, or St. Charles Rd East Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District.

2)  The applicant must either be the property owner or tenant of the property; however, if the applicant is the tenant, the property owner must provide written permission for any improvements.

Upon completion of the project and proof of release of lien, the Village will then release the grant money to the property owner or business.

The application packet consists of a statement of the grant policy and a pre-application form.