Solid Waste Contract Meet and Compete Clause

The entire contract and the contract rates may be viewed here.  If you have concerns about service, please contact Waste Management at 1-800-796-9696.

The Village wants to ensure that all commercial account holders are aware that the Contract contains a Meet and Compete Clause, which requires that Waste Management shall meet any competitor’s quote, plus a 20% increment. This increment is to account for geographic variability, market fluctuation, and the services provided to public buildings and for Village-sponsored events. Competitive quotes and invoices, often from a business location in another community, should be provided to Waste Management after contacting their Customer Service Representative at 1-800-796-9696. Businesses should keep their documentation in the event it needs to be resubmitted in the future. If you require the Village’s assistance to take advantage of this clause, contact David Gorman, Assistant Director of Public Works, at 630-620-5765 or at

Section 8A(12) Collection for the Commercial Sector

Meet and Compete Clause

Pick-up of any and all Refuse, and Recyclables if collected, from all Commercial establishments in the Village shall be contracted between the establishments and the Contractor. In the event a Commercial customer within the Village of Lombard should appeal to the Village to review the monthly service charge for disposal and/or recycling service, and if a Commercial customer within the Village of Lombard can demonstrate that the pricing for like services within a like community and market condition is at least twenty percent (20%) lower than quoted under the terms of this Contract, the Contractor will, along with input from Village staff, review the services and prices requested and lower the charge to that competitive quote, plus twenty percent (20%).