Historic Survey

In 2014, the Village of Lombard completed the first official historic survey of 106 significant buildings. The Lombard Board of Trustees voted at its Nov. 6 regular board meeting to recognize the survey of sites as the official survey of sites for the Village of Lombard.  A previous survey was conducted in 1991 and updated in 2006, but without the assistance of an architect. The Commission received bids and hired Architect Douglas Gilbert. This was the first official historic survey for the Village of Lombard.

Property owners may wish to apply to list their property on the National Register of Historic Places and/or a Village designated landmark. Those processes are completely voluntary.  The 2014 survey identified properties that are eligible for the National Register.

For additional questions about the survey, contact Tami Urish, Planner I at 630-620-5967 or the Lombard Historical Society at (630) 629-1885.

Please note that file sizes are large and may take time to download.   Properties were surveyed on the historic aspects of structures, how much original material is still used and intact, and how multiple structures on one property (if applicable) fit together.  For example, a property with a new garage may contain a garage in excellent condition but the integrity would be considered poor since the garage is new, therefore not historic.

The survey area is broken up into two areas: downtown and residential

A second survey was completed and accepted by the Board of Trustees on August 18, 2016. A survey document can be also be viewed online.