Political Campaign Sign Regulations

The Village of Lombard would like to inform residents, businesses, property owners and those involved in political campaigns, of the regulation guidelines pertaining to political campaign signs. 

Size and Number of Signs

  • For most residential properties, the overall sign size may not exceed 9 square feet in area.  There is no restriction to the number of signs allowed.
  • For commercial properties and residential properties exceeding one acre, signs cannot exceed 32 square feet in area; however, if a sign is greater than 16 square feet in area on those properties, a no-fee permit is required from the Village. The required permit, which will be issued over the counter, will ensure that the signs are properly located and are not within a clear line of sight area.  Village Code also states that no more than one political campaign sign of greater than 16 square feet is permitted per street frontage on these properties.


  • Political campaign signage placed on private property should have the consent of the property owner.
  • Political campaign signage more than 2 feet in height shall not be located within the clear line of sight areas at driveways or street intersections.
  • Political campaign signs cannot be located within the parkways or public rights-of-way.

How Long Can I Keep the Sign Up

  • Political campaign signs displayed on commercial properties must be removed ten (10) days afer the associated election.

For additional information regarding code provisions, please contact the Community Development Department at (630) 620-5749.