Development News

Interested in finding out about new developments in Lombard? Wondering what’s happening behind the construction? 

Developments Around Town

The Village often receives questions about what developments are being built around town. While the Village does not decide what businesses open, or where they open, the Community Development Department does serve as a facilitator for businesses interested in opening or expanding in Lombard. 

  1. Retail in Lombard
  2. Economic Dev. Tools
  3. Lilac Station 101 S. Main
  4. Yorktown Commons
  5. Hilton Tru
  6. Woodmoor
  7. Helen Plum Library
  8. Holiday Inn Express
  9. Golf Social Development
  10. Self Storage 

Wondering how the retail market works? The Village’s role in shaping development is to ensure that proposed businesses fit within specified zoning districts, meet building and zoning requirements, have adequate accommodations for parking and transportation, and meet other requirements that will make them a good neighbor and part of the community.   

Learn more about opening a retail location in Lombard, and what the Village's role is in the process at

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