Westmore-Meyers Resurfacing and Path Crossing Improvements

General Information

Tentative Start Date: September 2018
Tentative Completion Date: November 2018
Project Manager: Matthew Lew
Contractor: Arrow Road Construction Company
Awarded Contract Amount: $1,575,970.46
Funding Sources: Federal Surface Transportation Program, Motor Fuel Tax Fund

Contact Information

Public Works Department 
Phone: (630) 620-5740
Email: publicworks@villageoflombard.org

Project Manager: Matthew Lew 
Email: lewm@villageoflombard.org
Phone: (630) 620-5740

After Hours: Lombard Police Department 
Phone: (630) 873-4400

Project Information

This Project Includes: The improvements include roadway resurfacing, signal timing optimization, and path crossing enhancements.
Project Schedule: This project is scheduled to begin in September 2018 and be completed in November 2018.
Project Limits: This project will be completed on Westmore-Meyers Road between Roosevelt Road and St. Charles Road.
Detours: No roadway detours are anticipated on this project, however, travel on the bicycle paths may be affected.
Traffic Impact: The project will impact traffic with temporary lane closures and associated construction work. Motorists are reminded to follow traffic signage and exercise caution within the work zone. 


Notify Me: Residents and businesses within construction areas are encouraged to sign up for Notify Me to receive timely updates regarding construction in their area.
Newsletters & Notices: Periodically newsletters and notices are distributed to residents to keep them apprised of current and upcoming construction related events. 

8/29/18 - Newsletter #1   


How does this benefit me?  This project utilizes federal funding to resurface the roadway without any changes to the existing lane configuration. Both regional trail crossings will receive greater prominence with high visibility crosswalks. The Great Western Trail crossing will be re-routed to the signalized St. Charles Road intersection, and the Illinois Prairie Path will receive a pedestrian curb extension and beacon. The traffic signal timings have also been optimized for the Westmore-Meyers corridor.
Will my road be closed?  No road closures are anticipated.
If my driveway is inaccessible where do I park?  Driveways are not anticipated to be inaccessible unless curb replacement is required. The Illinois Prairie Path parking lot will be inaccessible during its driveway apron replacement.
Will my water or sewer service be affected?  Water and sewer services are not anticipated to be affected.