Apply For a Building Permit

Apply For a Building Permit Online!

Did you know that the Village of Lombard now offers convenient online permitting for residents and businesses? Now you can submit a permit and access updates through the portal, from your phone or computer at any time! 

Watch the video to learn more!

File Requirements For Online Permits
The online permitting system accepts the following file types: PDF, JPG, and GIF. Plan sets and plats of survey should always be uploaded as PDFs. Other documents such as letters of intent and owner approvals may be uploaded as JPG or GIF files so long as all text on the document is clearly legible.

You can submit multiple files to the online permitting system. Plan sets with multiple sheets should be submitted as one combined file. Please do not submit each sheet as an individual file. File names should generally describe the document (e.g. plat, architectural plans, engineering plans, etc.). The maximum document sizer per file is 20 MB.

Online permitting not for you? No worries!

You can still access the traditional application form. Please fill out this form and submit to the Building Department at Lombard Village Hall. Submit in person, during in-person hours of, Monday - Thursday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., by mail to Building Division, 255 E. Wilson Ave., Lombard IL, 60148, or by emailing a PDF attachment. Please contact the Building Division with questions at (630)620-5750.

Do i need a permit for thatDo I need a Building Permit?

  • The Village of Lombard requires a building permit for all new structures and updates to existing structures. For more information, see the Village’s Permit Submittal Book, which describes what work requires a permit.
  • Items such as replacing interior doors, and fixtures, (to existing size only, no structural change), and private walkways do not require a permit but may need to meet certain standards established by the Village of Lombard. The departments listed below should be consulted prior to the start of any construction activity.
  • All pools over 24" require a permit.
  • Windows and roofs require a permit.  
  • Patios, decks, and fences all require a permit.
  • Playsets (swings, slides, small play houses) require a permit if you are adding a foundation. 
  • If you live in a building or area with a Homeowners or Condo Association please check with your Board and Management Company before you begin any work. They may require additional approvals above and beyond Village Code provisions.

When are Permit Fees Assessed? 

  • Certain permits fall under a "flat rate" category. Examples include residential driveways, fences, new roofs etc. See page 4 of "flat rate" Permit Fees
  • For larger projects, including new development, additions, alterations or remodeling (see complete list), permit fees shall be based on the plan review fees, total construction cost of the project and individual cost/valuation of the electrical, plumbing and mechanical portions of the project.