Parkway Tree Planting Program

The following information is intended only for residents participating in the current tree planting program. If you have not received a letter from the Village, you are not a participant. If you are interested in participating in the program please contact Public Works at or (630) 620-5740.

The Village provides participating residents the opportunity to choose from a list of species grown specifically for use in close proximity to the roadway.  Due to space constraints some parkways are suitable only for planting a small or low-growing tree (this information is in the first paragraph of your letter). If your letter states such, please only choose trees that are on the list that was included with your letter.

Preferences must be received by Public Works no later than Friday, March 16th at 12:00 Noon. If you do not choose a species by this date, one will be chosen for you. You can opt-out of this program, however, you must contact the Public Works Department to convey your choice to not have a tree planted.
Planting locations will be designated by a white mark on the curb placed prior to planting. Should you wish the tree to be planted someplace other than the marked spot, Village staff will try to accommodate your request. However, tree locations are determined by many factors including underground utilities, overhead wires and space requirements. Trees will not be moved after they have been planted!

Tree Planting Quote