ComEd Reminder..Don't Bury Critical Equipment

ComEd would like to remind residents and businesses alike to be aware of critical ComEd equipment when removing snow.

Many sites have ComEd transformers and/or switchgear that may need to be operated or accessed in the winter. Sometimes, after a snowstorm, the snow removal efforts at a customer site may inadvertently bury or block access to ComEd equipment that could be critical to your residence or facility. Or worse, a snow plow will move enough snow into their equipment that will damage the ComEd equipment causing a power outage to the site.

The ComEd transformers or switchgear all have doors on the cabinets that may need to be opened for planned work or emergency power restoration. Not only do they need to open the doors, but to safely operate their equipment they also need approximately 10 feet of open space in front of the open equipment doors and one foot on the other three sides. If equipment is buried or blocked, they would need you to remove the snow before they can access the equipment. This could substantially delay ComEd crews from performing emergency work and, ultimately, result in unnecessary delays in restoring power to you or your neighbor.

More information can be found on their website or call ComEd at (800) 334-7661.