The change of seasons brings the department's focus to different seasonal activities. See below for pertinent information and what the focus is for every season.

  1. Spring
  2. Winter
  3. Fall
  4. Summer

Spring: Severe Weather Preparedness

Seasonal Flooding
The Chicago region continues to receive record setting rainfall. In 2019, the wettest May on record impacted the area with 8.25 inches of rainfall. Regional and nation-wide trends continue to track increased rainfall amounts, with the United States recording its second-wettest year on record in 2019. Additionally, since precipitation records began in 1871, four of the top five wettest years in Chicago have occurred in the last decade (Chicago Tribune, May 19, 2020).

Prepare ahead of time for the potential impacts of seasonal rainstorm flooding with this helpful information

Thunderstorm Safety
The Midwest is impacted by severe weather year round, however spring storms bring specific hazards including tornadoes, thunderstorms & lightning, and flooding. It’s important to plan ahead and be ready in case of an emergency weather event. 

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2021 Construction Map 

Find out details about specific 2021 Construction Projects with Public Work’s interactive comprehensive at

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Your Home and Garden Projects 

Spring Time Projects Beyond Construction

In addition to construction projects, spring time also means spring cleaning! Here is how your Public Works Department is hard at work for you: 

Streets and Electrical

  • Removing snow plows and salt spreaders from trucks and storing them for the summer.
  • Installing tailgates and tarps on the trucks, and setting up equipment to prepare for paving and patching operations.
  • Installing the fountain in the pond by Village Hall.
  • Sweeping up winter debris and spring buds falling from trees.
  • Repairing and installing mailboxes that were damaged during winter plowing.


  • The Forestry Division is responsible for maintaining approximately 19,000 parkway trees and does two tree plantings per year (spring & fall).
  • Forestry staff will be mulching the new trees as well as other young trees. The parkway restoration contractor will be restoring utility digs and stump removals that were done between September 1st of the previous year and February 1st of this year.
  • Forestry staff will shift from cyclic pruning into service request trimming and weather permitting, Village mowing begins early April.

 Underground Utilities

  • Catch basins are cleared by Village Staff to help with storm water drainage and to help keep storm lines clear. Catch basins that need repair are fixed before summer pavement patching takes place.
  • Fire Hydrant flushing and testing ensures proper operation by helping us to locate problem fire hydrants and low flow areas. The hydrants in disrepair will be scheduled for repair or replacement as necessary.
  • Retention/Detention pond out fall cleanup. This is the cleaning and clearing of Village owned pond out falls and restrictors to ensure proper operation during the spring rain season.