The change of seasons brings the department's focus to different seasonal activities. See below for pertinent information and what the focus is for every season.

  1. Fall
  2. Winter
  3. Spring
  4. Summer

Recycling Extravaganza

The Village's annual Recycling Extravaganza is held at the Village Hall in late September. The Recycling Extravaganza provides a one-stop-drop for many hard to recycle items including: books, bikes, crutches, wheelchairs, clothing, reusable furniture/appliances, building supplies, flags, cell phones, eyeglasses, hearing aids, car batteries, latex paint, scrap metal, wood clay/ceramic pots, fire extinguishers and empty gas tanks will be accepted. As the event nears detailed information will be provided on the Recycling page.

 Leaves & Yard Waste  

  • A six week free leaf pick-up is provided through Waste Management at the end of the season. During this time, leaves that are placed in paper bags at the curbside will be collected for free on the same day as your regularly scheduled waste collection days. An unlimited number of bags containing only leaves may be placed curbside on the normal waste collection day without the need of stickers. Paper bags may be placed prior to this period provided that yard waste stickers are attached.
  • Yard waste stickers are required on cans and bundled brush, as well as for any debris from non-residential properties. 
  • Free leaf pick-up and yard waste collection end after the 2nd full week of December. After that, residents are responsible for their leaves. Mulching leaves into the lawn will help add nutrients to plants during winter months.
  • Visit the Yard Waste page for more information regarding free leaf pick-up and yard waste collection.

Lombard Public Works reminds residents to never blow leaves or grass clippings into the street. Phosphorus Poisoning can occur when leaves and grass clippings are washed into sewers, polluting our waterways.