Public Hearings and Other Petitions

Please note plans are preliminary and subject to review and modifications. 

The Plan Commission (PC) generally meets the third Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Village Board Room.  The Plan Commission meeting is guided by the Procedures and Rules of Decorum.  The Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) generally meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m in the Village Hall Board Room.  The Village Board of Trustees (VBOT) generally meets the first and third Thursdays of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Village Hall Board Room.  When meetings conflict with the holidays, they are rescheduled. Occasionally, Special Meetings are scheduled.

Due to Covid-19 meetings are limited to 50 people and may have a virtual component.  For information or questions, please email

Submitted plans below are under review and are subject to change, based on final actions.  Meeting agendas are posted to the Village’s website with staff reports and other supplemental materials.  Agendas are generally posted 5-7 days before the meeting. 

Below are petitions that are under consideration before the VBOT, PC, or ZBA.  Petitions are removed from this website approximately 90 days after approval/denial from the VBOT.  For more information please contact Community Development at 630-620-5749 or .

Case/Petition NumberPC/ZBA Date VBOT Date LocationProject DescriptionApprovals Requested
ZBA 20-05Oct 28
235 S BrewsterExpand a garage in the side yard setbackVariance
ZBA 20-06Oct 28
353 E Washington BlvdRebuild and extend a front porchVariance
PC 20-12Oct 19, cont'd to Nov 2 PC
600-690 E Butterfield RdMaster Plan approvals for the former Northern Baptist Theological Seminary
Rezoning, Planned Development with associated relief
PC 20-13Oct 19. cont'd to Nov 2 PC
600-690 E Butterfield Rd
Lot 1: gas station, car wash, retail
Conditional use, variations, deviations
PC 20-14Oct 19, cont'd to Nov 2 PC
600-690 E Butterfield Rd
Lot 2 and 3: Golf Social and Moretti's
Conditional use, variations, deviations
PC 20-15Oct 19, cont'd to Nov 2 PC
Westin, 70 YorktownSignage and connections related to the proposed Master Plan
Planned development amendments
PC 20-16Oct 19, cont'd to Nov 2 PC
Target, 60 YorktownSignage and connections related to the proposed Master Plan
Planned development amendments
PC 20-23Oct 19Nov 5150 E Roosevelt RdReinstate the drive-thru for a new business (Smoothie King)Conditional Use
PC 20-24Oct 19Nov 5980 N DuPageRequesting approval of a gym/learning centerConditional Use
PC 20-25Oct 19Nov 51300 S Main St, Units D & ETemporary location of Lombard Veterinary Hospital Conditional Use
PC 20-21Sept 21NA, petition withdrawn241 W. St. Charles RdTemporary location for Lombard Veterinary HospitalConditional Use
PC 20-22Sept 21October 1, approved1300 S Main St, Unit JRequesting approvals for a tattoo studio Conditional Use
ZBA 20-04August 26Sept 17, approved730 E Sunset AvenueRequesting approval for the location of a generator in the side yard setbackVariance
PC 20-19August 17Sept 3, approvedVillage-wide, non-residential zoning districtsAdding a new section of Code related to day care centers and schools during the time of a pandemic Text Amendment
PC 20-18July 20Sept 3, approved783 E. Butterfield RoadApproval for a cannabis dispensaryConditional Use
ZBA 20-03July 22August 20, approved324 S. Grace Street
Request for a existing porch that does not meet Code Variance
ZBA 20-02May 27July 16, approved201 S Finley RoadRequest for a taller garage than Code allowsVariance
ZBA 20-01May 27 June 18, approved117 W Windsor Avenue Request for reduced open space due to a proposed rampVariance
PC 20-10May 18, cont’d from March 16June 18, approvedVillage WideAmend the Landscape ChapterText Amendment
PC 20-11May 18June 18, approved130-144 E St Charles RoadNew commercial building which requires a conditional use for height and rezoning the blockMap Amendment a Conditional Use
PC 20-17May 18June 18, approvedVillage Wide Planned Development regulationsText Amendment
SPA 20-01March 16, approvedNA1307 N Lombard RdSite plan approval for a new office/warehouse buildingSite Plan Approval (not a public hearing)
PC 20-09February 17March 5, approved218 E St Charles RoadRequest for a brewery with outdoor seatingConditional Use
PC 20-04February 3March 5, approved
Village WideAmend the Code regarding outdoor diningText Amendment
PC 20-01January 27March 5, approved451 E North Avenue
(FAQ page)
Request for a 4th story and a resubdivision, associated with a proposed Holiday Inn Express
Conditional use and resubdivision
PC 20-02February 3March 5, approved
B4A Zoning DistrictText Amendment to allow storage centers as a conditional use in the B4A Zoning DistrictText Amendment
PC 20-03February 3March 5, approved850 E Roosevelt RoadRequest to open a storage center 
Conditional Use
PC 20-05January 27March 5, approved1196 S Main StreetRequest to open a massage establishment Conditional Use

Public Comment

All persons desiring to comment on the proposed requests will be given an opportunity to do so at the public hearing. Written statements are encouraged and will be distributed to the Plan Commission or Zoning Board of Appeals and the petitioner if received at the Village Hall, 255 E. Wilson Avenue, Lombard, IL, on or before ten days prior to the public hearing. Interested parties are also encouraged to attend the public hearing.

Written statements may be submitted in person, via mail, or via email at .

For more information, please visit or call the Department of Community Development