Garbage, Recycling & Yard Waste

General Information

Refuse and recycling services are provided for both residential and commercial properties by Waste Management under contract with the Village. Through this contract residents are provided a 64-gallon refuse toter and a 64-gallon recycling toter which are picked up once per week. The contract and the table of all current rates is available by a link at the bottom of this page. For residents in homeowners associations, check first with your management company to see whether this service fee is included in your dues. 
Please see the Solid Waste Reference Guide for an overview of the refuse and recycling programs. Attractive wheeled carts are provided as part of the solid waste & recycling collection program. Please visit or contact Waste Management directly at (866) 570-4702 for customer service issues, inquiries or assistance. Contact preferences may be managed through (see instructional video.) For clarification of contract and municipal code requirements, contact the Lombard Public Works Department at or (630) 620-5740.
As of April 1, 2019, residents are billed at the following rates: 

 35-gallon toter curbside service weekly  $11.94/month
 64-gallon toter curbside service weekly  $14.87/month
 96-gallon toter curbside service weekly  $17.96/month
 Yard Waste Sticker  $ 2.37/each
 Refuse Sticker  $ 1.47/each
 Replacement cost 35-gallon toter  $55.00 1st time, $70.00 2nd time
 Replacement cost 64-gallon toter  $65.00 1st time, $80.00 2nd time
 Replacement cost 96-gallon toter  $75.00 1st time, $90.00 2nd time
 Compost Toter  $120.96/annually
 Backdoor Service  $22.00/month
 Bulk Materials  $20.00/pick-up
 Large Items (e.g. sofa, table, mattress)  One refuse sticker for each item (or every 50 lbs)
 Waste Tires  $5.00/tire
 Special Collections  $10.00/cubic yard
 White Goods (e.g. refrigerator, range, water heater)  $25.00/pick-up

Large items weighing less than 100 pounds (such as sofas, tables, chairs, dressers, bookcases, mattresses, box springs or other large household furniture that do not contain CFC or HCFC refrigerant gasses or PCP components) and additional refuse will be collected provided a refuse sticker is attached for each 50-lbs. These stickers may be purchased at Jewel (Lombard & Villa Park), Schroeder's Ace Hardware in the Eastgate shopping center and West Suburban Bank. The flat fee for items greater than 100-lbs or bulk materials requiring two workers is $20, backdoor service is $22, waste tires are each $5, a special collection is $10/cy and a white good is $25.

Refuse should be placed at the curb by 6:00 am on the day scheduled for your area. However, cans may not be put out on the parkway for refuse pick-up more than 12 hours before collection and must be removed within 12 hours after pick-up. Refuse must also be placed in covered containers. 
When viewing Current Rates, please keep in mind that this document does not reflect pass-through fees such as the Environmental charge imposed by the State of Illinois. 

 Waste Management Contract  Current Rates  Holiday Schedule
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Meet & Compete Clause

The Village wants to ensure that all commercial account holders are aware that the Contract contains a Meet and Compete Clause, which requires that Waste Management shall meet any competitor’s quote, plus a 20% increment. This increment is to account for geographic variability, market fluctuation, and the services provided to public buildings and for Village-sponsored events. Competitive quotes and invoices, often from a business location in another community, should be provided to Waste Management after contacting their Customer Service Representative at (800) 796-9696 or (866) 570-4702. Businesses should keep their documentation in the event it needs to be resubmitted in the future. If you require the Village’s assistance to take advantage of this clause, contact David Gorman, Assistant Director of Public Works, at (630) 620-5765 or

Section 8A(12) Collection for the Commercial Sector  -  Meet and Compete Clause

Pick-up of any and all Refuse, and Recyclables if collected, from all Commercial establishments in the Village shall be contracted between the establishments and the Contractor. In the event a Commercial customer within the Village of Lombard should appeal to the Village to review the monthly service charge for disposal and/or recycling service, and if a Commercial customer within the Village of Lombard can demonstrate that the pricing for like services within a like community and market condition is at least twenty percent (20%) lower than quoted under the terms of this Contract, the Contractor will, along with input from Village staff, review the services and prices requested and lower the charge to that competitive quote, plus twenty percent (20%).

Prescription Drug & Sharps Disposal

Residents now have several options for disposing of prescription and over the counter medications. Many area Police Departments will accept prescription medications as a part of DuPage County's RxBox program. Area Walgreens will also accept prescription and over the counter medications. Lombard Pharmacy located at 211 S. Main Street, will accept prescription medications, with the exception of liquids.

Sharps can be disposed of in your regular garbage as long as safety precautions are taken. Sharps must be in an enclosed container. You can either purchase a disposal container from Waste Management or you can follow the precautions suggested at

Temporary Dumpsters

A temporary dumpster from any waste hauler (not exclusive to Waste Management) may be used for construction work and for home cleaning. For smaller amounts of refuse, Waste Management may pick up a 3-CY woven plastic bag called a “Bagster”, which is available for purchase at local hardware stores. Dumpsters and Bagsters shall be placed at least 10 feet from any building to minimize fire hazard.

Dumpsters and Bagsters shall be placed on private property unless permission is granted by the Lombard Public Works Department. Permission can be requested by submitting a Request for Placement of a Temporary Dumpster. However, the following conditions must be met for the request to be considered:
   (a) there must be a demonstrated difficulty to accommodate the dumpster on private property;
   (b) the dumpster shall be in place for no longer than one week unless otherwise authorized with specific dates;
   (c) a barricade with a working flasher must be placed in the street at both outside corners of the dumpster;
   (d) the dumpster must be placed where on-street parking is allowed and at least fifteen (15) feet from any fire hydrant and thirty (30)feet from any crosswalk or traffic sign or signal;
   (e) the person(s) placing the dumpster shall be responsible for any damages, liability, and fly dumping;
   (f) the dumpster shall be no larger than 20 cubic yards;
   (g) the dumpster shall not be placed between December 1and March 31;
   (h) the dumpster shall be removed within 6 hours of notice to do so from the Police Chief or Fire Chief (penalty of not less than $50 nor more than $750 for each day thereafter); and
   (i) in the Central Business District, the additional requirements apply:
        * provide written approval from the Community Development Department,
        * a tarpaulin must be placed over the dumpster when not actively being used,
        * pay a dumpster replacement fee in the amount of $100 unless associated with an active building permit,
        * provide a certificate of insurance with comprehensive general liability in the amount of $1,000,000 naming the Village of Lombard as additional insured and containing a statement that the policy may not be canceled without 30 days written notice to the Village,
        * remove the dumpster on Saturdays and Sundays,
        * placement must be in a demarcated parking space but not in a space reserved for persons with disabilities, not on St. Charles Road between Lincoln Avenue and Martha Street, not on Park Avenue between Grove Street and Michael McGuire Drive, and not on Main Street between Grove Street and St. Charles Road.

Yard Waste

Beginning the first full week of April through the second full week in December, yard waste will be collected once per week on the same day as refuse collection. Yard waste may be placed in biodegradable yard waste bags or cans, not to exceed 45 gallons.

One yard waste sticker is required on each can or bag. Containers should not weigh more than 50 pounds. Effective April 1, 2019 a sticker costs $2.37 and can be purchased at:

  • Jewel, 1177 S. Main, Lombard 
  • Schroeder's Ace Hardware, 837 S. Westmore-Meyers, Lombard
  • West Suburban Bank, 711 S. Westmore-Meyers, Lombard
  • Jewel, 33 E. St. Charles, Villa Park
  • Johnson's Lighthouse BP, 1 W. St. Charles, Villa Park

Brush and Branches

Bundled brush will be picked up at residential properties (one to four units) on your regular refuse collection day provided that a yard waste sticker is attached to each bundle. The bundles cannot exceed 50 pounds, and must be no bigger than six feet in length and 18 inches in diameter, with no individual branch exceeding six inches in diameter. Bundles must be tied with string or twine and require one yard waste sticker per bundle. This program runs from the first full week of April through the second full week of December.

Optional Curbside Composting Program

In addition to the Compost Bin Reimbursement Program, Lombard residents in single family, as well as multi-unit buildings up to 4 units, have an opportunity to subscribe to an optional curbside composting program. For an additional annual fee of $120.96 a gray 64-gal toter will be provided by Waste Management. Compost toters will be collected weekly on the normal service day from the first full week of April through the second full week of December, concurrent with the yard waste program. Service is unavailable outside of this period due to winter conditions.  There are no refunds or service-hold credits for this program. The annual fee will be assessed and increased each April 1st by a local Consumers Price Index (currently about 2%). Yard waste stickers are not required for this toter. 

Acceptable materials generally include yard waste and biodegradable food scraps, and toters may be shared by neighbors.  See this USEPA website for a list of acceptable and unacceptable items. The compost materials are mixed in with general yard waste collection, delivered to Waste Management’s transfer station and then processed at a compost facility. Waste Management typically sells the compost to companies for store sales, commercial landscaping and farming. Residents are responsible to clean the toter, including removing any adhered waste and also any unacceptable materials. Toters remain with the resident the entire year, including over winter. 

Sign up by contacting Waste Management at 800-796-9696 or at

Special Collections

Fall Leaf Collection
The Village offers a free six-week fall leaf collection program during which residents may dispose of an unlimited number of leaves in biodegradable bags (no cans) without stickers. 

Christmas Tree Collection
A Christmas tree pick up is offered for a two-week period in January. Christmas trees free of tinsel and decorations will be collected curbside at no charge

Specific dates for both collections are listed on the Event Calendar as the collection nears. Sign up for our weekly e-newsletter to be notified about Village information, including fall leaf and Christmas Tree collections.