York Center Neighborhood Annexation

500 E. Conditional Use Extension

Agreement Bicycle-Pedestrian Bridge

Agreement Braniff Communication

Agreement Clover Creek

Agreement Hill Ave. Bridge

Agreement IDOT St. Charles Rd. LAPP

Agreement Shell Oil Products

Agreement to Amend Contract-Seeco

Agreement to Amend Contract V3

Agreement to Amend Contract

Agreement with Jaycees 4th

Agreement with McCloud 50 E. St. Charles

Agreement with McCloud 2020 S. Highland

Agreement with Teska Associates

Agreement with Third Millennium Associates

Amendment to Contract V3

Annexation Agreement School Street Prop.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Contract

CIMCO Agreements

Contract #M-08-05-B

Contract #M-10-02

Contract #M-11-02

Contract #PD-1001

Contract #PWO-1117

Contract #SAN-11-01

Contract #SS-10-01

Contract #ST-09-06 Plote

Contract #ST-02-07 Thomas Eng.

Contract # WA-10-02

Contract #WA-10-02-B

Contract  Bond CPC

Contract Bond Tecrop

Contract Dawsons Tree Service

Contract Fire Station 2 Crack Sealing

Contract M-10-06A

Contract M-11-03

Contract M-11-04

Contract Nels. J. Johnson

Contract Number St-10-04 

Contract Number ST-10-06 

Contract Pipelining

Contract PWO-1118 

Contract PWU-1119 

Contract ST 10-01

Contract WA-11-01 

Contract with Folgers

Contract with Mathewson Right of Way Company

Contractors Certif. Tecorp 

Dukes Root Control Contract 

Exelon Agreement Part II

Exelon Agreement 

First Amendment Redspeed Agrmt

Flolo Contract 

Flolo-Civic Center 

FY09 utility 421

FY10 4x4 pickup 442

FY10 4x4 pickup 447

FY10 4x4 pickup 448

FY10ambulance 62

FY10 expedition 4 

FY10 fire engine 44

FY10 one ton dump 394 

FY10 Prius 405 

FY10 Prius 406 

FY10 squad 735 

FY10 squad 736 

FY10 squad 737 

FY10 squad 738 

FY10 tandem dump 325 

FY10 tandem dump 339 

FY10 vactor 454

FY11 4x4 pickup 311 

FY11 4x4 pickup 318

Hill Ave IDOT Agreement 

Intergovernmental Agreement Technology Dr 

Intergovernmental Agreement with Paradise Bay

Intergovernmental Agreement with the York Township Highway Commissioner

ITT Contract

License Agreement- Cruise Night

Main St. LAPP Agreement Signed

Okeh Contract 

Regulatory Agreement Release

Settlement agreement and release

Solid Waste Contract

Teska Agreement

Union Pacific

Voluntary Separation Agreement and release- Chief Seagraves

WRB Signed Agreement

French Market Operators Agreement 

Agreement with IDOT and VP

Contract EMM-2010

Contract M-08-05B Gaffneys

Contract M-10-06- Gaffneys 

Contract PWO-1116 

Contract PWO 1117A

Contract ST-09-06 Baxter 

Contract ST-10-01

Contract WA-10-01 Alamp

Contract WA 10-01 

Contract WA 10-02-RE

Contract M-11-05

Contract SAN 10-02