Agreement Northern IL Police Alarm System

Agreement with Third Millennium

BLR 05512-SECO0001

Boundary Agreement With Glen Ellyn

Clark Environmental Mosquito Management Agreement

Contract SAN-11-038

Contract ST 12-05 Baxter

Contract WA 12-01

Contract WA 11-03

DuPage County Agreement--ADA

DuPage County Agreement--Westmore-Meyeres Rd. Sidewalks

Exelon Agreement 2012

French Market Agreement 2012

FY 12 tandem dump 329

Intergovernmental Agreement with Lombard Historical Society

Intergovernmental Agreement with Villa Park about Addison St.

License Agreement Fifth Third Bank

License Agreement Lombard Family Health Center

License Agreement MJ Vandenbroucke

Northern IL Police Alram System Agreement

Rock Salt Purchasing

SAN 11-03 and SAN 11-04 Flolo Corp.

Verizon Agreement

Tree and Stump Removal-Dawson

Asphalt Hot Patch Trailer-Galva Road Equip.

FY 2012B Bituminous Mix Purchase-DuPage Materials Company

FY 2012B Driveway Apron, Curb, Sidewalk Restoration-Kings Point

Lift Station Improvements Phase 2-ESI Consultants

FY 2012B Concrete Rehab Utility Cuts--G & M Cement

Testing Service Corp Contract M-12-01

ATP Enterprise Group Contract PWO-1215

Civiltech Contract WA-12-12

Meade Electric Street Light Maintenance

Meade Electric Traffic Signal Maintenance

PJD Electric Street Light Replacement Program

Seeco Consultants Contract M-12-01

Terracon Contract M-12-01

RW Dunteman Asphalt Paving and Patching

Contract with NIMEC

Contract Thompson Elevator

Agreement Roger Marquardt

Contract Garfield Street Facility Thomas Engineering

Agreement AFSCME

Contract Thorne Electric Lift Station

Contract #M-08-07 Alliance Garfield Station

Contract ST-12-06 Westmore/Meyers

Contract Carriage House Water & Sewer Service Project

First Amendment to Improvement to Madison St.

11 S. Park Retail Grant Agreement

FY12 Loader 451

FY11 Squad 741

FY11 Squad 742

FY11 Tandem Dump 341

FY12 4x4 Pickup 443

FY12 One Ton Dump 334

FY12B Squad 743

FY12B Squad 794

Contract ST-12-02 Brothers Asphalt Paving

Contract ST-12-05 D Construction

FY12 Single Axle Dump Truck 330

FY12B Roller371

FY12B 4x4 fr81

Contract Lighting Efficiency Upgrades

Contract PWU-12B19 Ziebell

Contract Water & Sewer Pump Station Generator Cummins NPower

Contract WA-12B-01 Engineering Enterprises

Contract Water & Sewer Pump Station Generator

Contract PW012B17A

Contract ST-12B-04

Contract SS-12B-01

Contract SAN-12B-01

Contract ST-12B-01 G&M

FY 12B Driveway and Apron, Curb and Sidewalk Restoration Contract and Bond

Contract M-12B-03 Denler

Contract Sewer Lining

Street Light Maintenance

2012B Road Salt Purchase

Emergency Water-Sewer Repairs--John Neri

FY12B Explorer VM501

FY12B Toolcat ST376

HVAC Maintenance Contract

Landscape Restoration

New Garfield Site

Parkway Tree Trimming Contract to Nels J. Johnson Tree Experts

Sewer Stub Rodding