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The Village of Lombard is dedicated to providing its residents and visitors with current and timely communication through the use of a broad spectrum of resources, including both print and digital media. In addition to providing relevant news and information on community events, these resources will also be used in case of emergency. Be sure to connect with us today and be the first to know what's going on in Lombard. 

Pride Newsletter

Lombard's Printed PRIDE Newsletter 

The Village's PRIDE Newsletter is printed and mailed to residences across Lombard, three times per year. (Lilac Time, Summer, and Fall/Winter.)  If you do not receive your PRIDE newsletter please contact the post office. You may also pick up the latest issue at Village Hall, 255 E. Wilson Ave., while supplies last, or find the online version.

Weekly E-Pride Newsletter
Sign up for Lombard's weekly E-Pride Newsletter for breaking news and updates on the most important and current topics in Lombard. The E-Pride Newsletter an easy way to stay connected to what's going on in Lombard. 

Construction E-Newsletters
Find out about construction projects around Lombard, and get notifications sent directly to you as they happen. These e-newsletters are issued when important news items arise and will keep you in the know about local construction projects. Visit to sign up for specific construction projects that are currently underway in Lombard. 

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