Message from the Director

Twenty four hours per day, three hundred sixty five days per year, the Lombard Public Works Department is providing the essential infrastructure and services to support the high quality of life Lombard residents and businesses expect.

The general duties and responsibilities of the Department of Public Works can be summarized as "providing the maintenance and operation for the Village’s physical infrastructure needed by the residents and businesses as directed by the Village Manager and Village Board of Trustees”. Every resident of the Village and every property owner relies on Public Works on a daily basis for some type of service. This can include drinking water supply, wastewater treatment, street maintenance, street and traffic signage and traffic signals, street lights for safety, and much more. Each and every member of the Lombard Public Works Department takes this responsibility seriously and works hard to provide the level of service and quality of life expected by our residents and businesses.

Our services to the community go beyond normal daily maintenance. The Public Works Department is responsible for planning and completion of many of the Village’s capital improvement projects each year. The Department provides information to the Village Manager that is used for the long term planning of our utility systems and streets to better serve the community. The Department is also responsible for the review of engineering plans and technical issues pertaining to public improvements and new construction that impact the public right-of-way and works closely with other Village departments to help maintain the quality of our community as new projects are planned and completed. Despite these varied duties and roles, the number one goal for the entire Public Works Department remains quality customer service to our residents and businesses.

Our challenge in the upcoming years will be to maintain a high level of service to the community during a period when resources and funding have understandably been reduced. With the full support and cooperation of all Public Works employees, we will be up to that challenge and will continue to provide the best services possible at a reasonable cost. I am proud to lead and support the Public Works employees in their efforts to serve Lombard, and am grateful to have the opportunity to serve all of the residents and businesses.

If at any time you have any questions regarding the services being provided, comments or suggestions for changes, requests for additional services, or just want to let us know how we are doing, please contact me at (630) 620-5766 or via email.

Carl Goldsmith
Director of Public Works
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