The Village of Lombard utilizes a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to produce both interactive and standard maps. Visitors can select below to view both types of maps. 

By opening any of the maps, the user agrees to the Disclaimer and Acknowledgement at the bottom of this page.

To obtain a map of the Village's utilities for proposed construction, please send your request to

To obtain additional GIS information or if you have questions or suggestions, please Email the Village’s GIS staff.

If you wish to obtain utility map information, you are required to submit the Village’s hold harmless agreement form HERE

  1. Interactive Maps
  2. Standard Maps

Click on any of the titles or images to view our interactive maps.  Any issues, incorrect information, or ideas; don't hesitate to contact the Village's GIS department.

Snow Opens in new window
Use the Tab in this map to view Snow and Ice removal Zones that the Village maintains. For more information visit our Snow Plowing Page

Parcel Address Opens in new window

Nothin' fancy. Basic Property Information from Village Parcels.  Enter Address or PIN in the search bar & click your parcel to return property information.

Zoning Dashboard Opens in new window

Use this interactive dashboard to find out what a property is zoned and use interactivity to pull up stats on village Land Usage & Zoning.

Developments Opens in new window
 What's new and up-and-coming in Lombard! Use this story map to view current & proposed developments throughout the Village

parkinglots Opens in new window

Open this map & navigate to where you are & it will tell you where you can find a parking spot. Click on the lists & the graphs to detail & select features. Includes ADA spaces.
Available Properties Map

available properties Opens in new window

Looking to open your business within the centrally located Village of Lombard? This is an interactive map where you can locate a Retail, Industrial, or Office space for sale or lease.
Trustee Finder & Voting District Map

trustee Opens in new window

Use this map to Find your Village Trustee as well as other pertinent voting districts.  Updates coming soon with various governmental redistrict projects in progress.
Village Tax District Interactive Map

TIF Opens in new window
View all the village Tax Incremental Financing (TIF) and Business Districts in one interactive map. Click on the bookmarks to zoom to each TIF district.

Contract Landscaping Map

Landscaping Opens in new window
Village of Lombard Public Works, on an annual basis, contracts out many mowing & weeding locations on property maintained by the village. Use this map to view these locations.
Public Works Construction Map

construction Opens in new window
View all of the planned Public Works construction projects for the upcoming year. Select each tab for different types of projects. Select items on the list to view more information including links to the project scope. See Construction Project Page.
Historical Aerial Imagery Map

aerial Opens in new window
Wondering what your neighborhood looked like in 1956 or 1939? Use this map to view different years of aerial imagery for DuPage County. *Hint* Use the 'swipe' tool to go back and forth between 2 years.
Bicycle Pedestrian Network Map

biketrail Opens in new window
Map of our existing and proposed bicycling routes. For more information, please visit our page about Walking & Biking in Lombard.


This interactive map was prepared by the Village of Lombard (the “Village”) using the information that was available to the Village. The map layers, data, and aerial photography available for access via this website are provided “as-is” without any warranty or any kind relative to their accuracy or reliability. The interactive map is for informational reference purposes only and should not be relied upon to determine precise boundaries, roadway locations, property boundary lines or legal descriptions. The interactive map shall not be construed to be an official survey of any data depicted, but rather should be used for informational reference purposes only.

The data contained in the interactive map is dynamic. It is frequently in the process of being updated and refined. If a change relative to the property depicted has been recently made, it may not necessarily appear on this map, as it may be that the GIS data has yet to be updated. Please be patient as such updates are integrated.

User Acknowledgment

The user acknowledges and accepts all inherent limitations relative to the maps and data presented, including, but not limited to, the fact that the maps and data are dynamic and in a constant state of maintenance, correction, and revision. Neither the Village nor its officers, agents, and employees assume any liability for the accuracy of the data delineated on any map. In no event shall the Village or its officers, agents or employees be held liable for any damages arising in any way from the use of the maps or data provided relation thereto. In said regard, the user hereby agrees to release, indemnify and hold harmless, the Village and its officers, agents and employees from and against any liability of any kind whatsoever arising out of or in any way connected with the user’s use of the maps and or data supplied in relation thereto.