Strategic Plan

strategic plan (JPG) Opens in new windowThe Village of Lombard engaged in a strategic planning process over multiple sessions under the facilitation of Craig Rapp of the Center for Governmental Studies at Northern Illinois University. 

The sessions yielded an improved understanding of effective governance and a draft strategic plan for the three year period 2016-2018. The Village has revisited its priorities, progress and outcomes and developed this Strategic Plan Update for 2018-2019

The strategic plan consists of a set of four strategic priorities, which are the highest priority issues for the Village; a series of key outcome indicators, which reflect desired outcomes; and a set of performance targets, which define the success measures. At initial planning meetings, the Village reviewed the organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT analysis), identified the major challenges facing the Village, and adopted the four strategic priorities of the plan. 

The group clarified priority definitions, and established a set of desired outcomes for each. The outcomes are monitored through a set of key outcome indicators (KOI’s)-and measured by a set of performance targets. The group developed and reviewed a draft set of strategic initiatives and action plans for each priority. The initiatives are the projects and programs necessary to achieve the outcomes identified. 

An update report for each strategic initiative was prepared by Village staff and jointly reviewed with the Village Board of Trustees at a workshop in 2017. Targets and strategic initiatives were updated accordingly and the Strategic Plan Update for 2018-2019 was prepared. 

Updated strategic priorities, key outcome indicators, performance targets and initiatives are summarized on the following page. Strategic initiative update reports for each strategic initiative have been prepared and are found within the Strategic Plan document.