Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Emergency Medical Services Division (EMS)

The Lombard Fire Department provides comprehensive advanced life support services to residents and visitors to the Village of Lombard and the Glenbard Fire Protection District. This service is provided with a combination of paramedic ambulances and paramedic-equipped engines and ladder truck. The Emergency Medical Services Division is lead by Fire Lieutenant Dan Ekhart. The Department is staffed with 62 Illinois licensed Paramedics.

EMS Transportation Fees

View current fees (PDF).

EMS Reports

A request for EMS Reports may be made through the Fire Department. An "Authorization to Release" form must be completed and signed by the patient and a photo ID is required. The fees for EMS reports are $5 each.

Ambulance Billing Services

The billing for ambulance services is handled by Andres Medical Billing, Ltd. 

You can submit insurance online

Payments and insurance information can be mailed to:
Andres Medical Billing, Ltd.
PO Box 457
Wheeling, IL 60090

Pay your ambulance bill online

You can also call them toll free at 800-244-2345 (toll free fax is 800-329-5274).