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2021 Services for Seniors Event

The Village of Lombard hosted a Services for Seniors event focused on offering seniors access to on-site service on Wednesday, October 6, 2021, from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm at the Madison Meadow Athletic Center, 500 E. Wilson Avenue.

Local agencies provided basic health services for seniors on-site. Services available included:  

  • Blood pressure screenings
  • Flu shots 
  • Chair massages and posture screenings
  • Hearing screenings
  • COVID-19 vaccines 
  • Balance screenings
  • DMV services

Unlike past Senior Fair events, the 2021 Services for Seniors Event was reduced in scale and limited solely to a selection of available on-site services. Commercial and civic organization vendors were not present in person on-site, although their literature, contact information, and giveaways were made available to attendees collectively. 

Senior of the Year Winners

  • 2021: George “Ed” Seagraves and Patti Comfort
  • 2020: Dennis Jensen and Carol Anderson
  • 2019:  Michael Rodgers and Rita Schneider
  • 2018: Barb Madigan and Ronald Knecht
  • 2017: Anna Weselak and Dennis McNicholas
  • 2016: MaryMae Meyer and Steve Spoden 
  • 2015:  Marv Schlugen and Lonnie Morris
  • 2014:  Barbara Barta and Wallace Johnson
  • 2013:  Claude Walton (only 3 male nominees)
  • 2012: William “Bill” Mueller (posthumously)
  • 2011: Margot Fruehe and Marlyn E. Meyer
  • 2010: Caroline Walker and Eunice Treadway (no male nominees)
  • 2009: Bertha “Boots” O’Kane and Ray Thompson
  • 2008: Alvina VanDenend and Mike Mikulecky
  • 2007: Bill Kaiser and Natalie Insley
  • 2006: Eugene Polley and Mary Ann Grady