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The Mission of the Village of Lombard is to provide superior and responsive governmental services to the people of Lombard. Our shared Vision for Lombard is a community of excellence exemplified by its government working together with residents and businesses to create a distinctive sense of spirit and an outstanding quality of life.

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  1. History
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In the mid-1830's, early settlers were attracted to Babcock's Grove, (as Lombard was called at the time) by rich farmland; more settlers came when the railroad route westward from Chicago followed the St. Charles Road Trail.

In 1927, Colonel William R. Plum bequeathed his home and adjacent lilac gardens to the town as a park and library site. As a result of Colonel Plum's bequest, the Lombard Park District was established by court order in 1927.

A tour of the historic downtown area, within walking distance of the commuter train depot, highlights the significant heritage earlier residents left to contemporary Lombard: the historic Lilacia Park, Lombard Historical Museum, Helen M. Plum Memorial Library as well as the Maple Street Chapel, a historic landmark in the spired Gothic style built as the original First Church of Lombard in 1870.

Historical Society Carriage HouseHistorical Society 

The mission of the Lombard Historical Society is to collect, preserve and interpret the history of Lombard.  They offer two museums to the public:  The Sheldon Peck Homestead, located at 355 E. Parkside and the Lombard Historical Museum (pictured), located at 23 W. Maple Avenue. In addition, they offer many public programs to celebrate the history of Lombard.

For more information, contact the Lombard Historical Museum by email or by calling (630) 629-1885.

Historical Preservation Commission

The Village of Lombard established the Lombard Historical Commission (LHC) as an arm of the village government with an ordnance to outline financial and preservation responsibilities. 

Lilac Time

Each year during Lilac Time, during approximately the first two weeks of May, Lilacia Park is visited by residents, and guests from near and far. The 8.5 acre park is fragrant with flowering lilac bushes, 75,000 tulips and other spring-flowering plantings. Lilacia Park is the focal point for residents and visitors alike during Lilac Time as well as throughout the changing seasons.

The lilac tradition culminates on the last day of the event with the Lilac Parade, that makes its way up Main Street to Maple. The parade boasts thousands of spectators that line the street to view and cheer on the various bands, floats and business and civic participants of the ever-growing celebration. For information on the parade or to participate, visit lombardlilacparade.com

For information on Lilac Time events, visit LombardLilacTime.com

For additional information on the history of Lombard, the book Footsteps On The Tallgrass Prairie by Lilian Budd, is available at the Helen Plum Memorial Library or at the Lombard Historical Society.